Gutter Cleaning & Repairing: Tips to Save Money

Though gutter cleaning is a taxing job, it is not impossible to do it yourself! However, it is always recommended to hire professionals for gutter repair in Marin County, and get clogged gutters cleaned. If you are not willing to burn a hole in your pocket, you can conclude this task yourself, and save a lot of money. Here are some simple tips for easy gutter cleaning and saving money.

DIY (Do-it-yourself)

As it rightly says, you can do everything yourself, if you know the correct method. And the best possible way to clean gutters as well as save money is by doing it yourself. Generally, gutter cleaning companies charge on the basis of the linear foot, and you can save some money by cleaning a part of the gutter yourself.

Deals and Promotions

You should thoroughly check through emails and messages sent by the gutter cleaning companies. You might get some useful information on discounted services on certain days of the week or a promotional code that helps you save moneythat is applicable with specific terms and conditions.

Clubbing with other services

Most of the roof repairing service providers offer free gutter cleaning services to their customers along with roof repairing. If your roof repairs are due, you can check with your service provider if they can offer you a free gutter cleaning service as well.


Many times, the gutter cleaning companies offer discount coupons on booking an appointment through their websites only. If you too have come across an advertisement of this kind, make sure you check out their website with your promotional code login.

Annual Contract can be a Good Deal

Generally, gutter cleaning companies offer huge discounts on annual packages. You too can check with your service provider, and redeem this opportunity. This can help you in saving a substantial amount in the long run.

Ask for a Discount

Some reputed gutter cleaning companies offer unadvertised discounts to the military personnel, senior citizens, teachers, and first applicants. Inquire about the kind of discounts and offers they have for you. Whichever offer you choose, you are sure to save some money!

Maintaining a clean and clutter-free gutter is essential to avoid problems like mold, roof damage, foundation damage, and many more. If you are also looking for hiring a professional that can offer you discounts and other offers, get in touch with ARS Roofing, Gutters & Solar at 707-584-5900, or visit

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