Meet Our CEO, Letitia Hanke

Letitia’s Vision

Letitia’s Vision

“Over time, my perspective has undergone remarkable transformations, bringing about numerous positive changes. I’ve achieved many of the goals and aspirations I once placed on my vision board. In 1996, when I embarked on my roofing journey, it was merely to secure a job as a struggling college student. Through eight years of unwavering dedication and hard work, I ascended the ranks until I could establish my own company. In 2004, after securing my contractor’s license, I founded Alternative Roofing Solutions, Inc. operating as ARS Roofing & Gutters(ARS). Starting with a team of 11, we’ve since expanded to 24 full-time team members. My entry into this field wasn’t driven by a childhood dream of becoming a roofer, but rather by a desire to be an entrepreneur and make a positive impact. I’m proud to have not only built a successful business but also realized my dream of founding a non-profit, The LIME Foundation, named after my son Emil spelled backwards. You can find more information about it at

I deeply appreciate your involvement in this vision and for placing your trust in my company.”


Letitia’s Vision for ARS in the next 5 years:

  • ARS is the leading roofing and gutter company of choice, offering exceptional service across the North Bay region.”
  • ARS our clients with peace of mind, knowing that ARS will reliably protect their homes, ensuring safety and security.
  • ARS team expands to 40 members, allowing us to extend our service reach and uphold our commitment to professionalism and dedication.
  • Every member of the ARS team earns more than a living wage, enabling them to live comfortably and without financial strain.
  • ARS provides top-notch healthcare and benefits to all team members and their families.
  • ARS donates up to 5% of our net revenue from each job to The LIME Foundation, ensuring the continued stability of the non-profit and its positive impact on youth and the community.
  • ARS organizes an annual retreat in an exotic location, such as Hawaii, for ARS team members and their families, offering them a luxurious experience they might not otherwise afford.
  • Our non-profit, The LIME Foundation’s Nextgen Trades Academy program, is making a significant impact on thousands of youths nationwide by offering high-paying jobs, constructing affordable housing, and nurturing entrepreneurial ventures.. (
  • I am enjoying my yearly three-week vacation with my family, providing me with much-needed relaxation.


Letitia Hanke, CEO


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