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Questions you should ask of every roofing company that bids on your project:


Regular maintenance is crucial to a long-lasting, leak-free roof. Natural forces conspire against your roof. Woodpeckers drill holes; birds build nests which can trigger rot; overhanging tree branches can rub against and damage the roof; and clogged gutters cause rainwater to pool and eventually work its way through cracks and tiny gaps, ultimately dripping onto your new beige carpeting.

It’s like car maintenance. Even a brand-new car needs an oil change every 5,000 miles. Without periodic upkeep, the best car will start having problems. With both cars and roofs, a little spent on maintenance now saves a lot later.

Does the low bid include replacing the flashing, or will they charge extra for that?

ARS Roofing bids include this critical service.

Does the low bid include a full warranty?

ARS Roofing is a certified contractor, providing up to a lifetime warranty for labor and materials on roofing and gutter products.

Does the low bid include tearing off all layers of the old roofing, or just the top layer? Will they charge extra for additional underlying layers, or, worse yet, leave them on?

Leaving them on may cause the roof to fail prematurely. It also violates building codes. ARS bids include tearing off and properly disposing of all layers of the old roof.

Does the low bid cover only galvanized gutters, or the superior prepainted ones that come with a lifetime guarantee?

ARS Roofing uses only guaranteed gutters treated with baked enamel for long wear and beauty.

Most important, is the low bidder a licensed, bonded, and insured company? Will they be covered if someone is injured, or will the injured party be looking to you for compensation? Are they properly licensed to install gutters?

It’s against the law for them to do work for over $500 that they’re not licensed for.

Will they obtain the necessary building permits?

The permit process calls for an inspection by the city, which is added protection for the homeowner that the work has been done properly. ARS Roofing is licensed for roofing, gutters, sheet metal, and painting. We are bonded and fully insured for your protection.

With answers to these questions in hand, that low bid may not seem as attractive as it did a few minutes ago.

If the cheaper roofer leaves the job site a mess, cuts corners, surprises you with hidden charges, or can’t be found when you have a problem, you may end up spending more than you saved.

In the immortal words of Judge Milian of People’s Court: “Lo barato sale caro.” (The cheap ends up being expensive.)

Do we serve Marin County?

Absolutely! We can often be found in San Rafael, Novato and Mill Valley, and we have long-time, regular clients in Tiburon, Sausalito and the Tamalpais area.

What other areas beyond Sonoma and Marin counties do we serve?

Much of Napa, Mendocino, Lake and San Francisco counties. If in doubt, call us and ask if we serve your area.

They are very competitive on pricing, they respond immediately when needed. They are a super crew who works in any weather. Fast, efficient and excellent quality of work.”   

~Luis M., San Pablo, CA


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