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Roofing Products:

Composition Roofing Shingles

Composition shingles roofing will be found on a roof with a pitch of 2/12 and above.

This type of roofing comes in many brands, colors, and patterns. There is your basic three tab shingle, the middle grade dimensional roofing shingles, and then you have your high grade Lifetime Designer roofing shingles.

This photo shows a GAF Roofing brand color Slate 40 year roof.

Although there are many brands available, the two brands we use the most are GAF Roofing and Certainteed Roofing. We have found these roofing shingles to be reliable and the companies stand behind their lifetime warranties. Most other manufacturers offer only a limited lifetime warranty on composition roofing shingles.

Tile and Composition Tile

Tiles roofs are usually considered a lifetime roof, if installed and maintained properly. There are many brands and styles of tile roofing.

We perform annual roofing maintenance programs which includes the following.

#1 Inspect for missing, broken or cracked tile: replace with new.

#2 Inspect lead flashings for deterioration: seal or replace with new

#3 Inspect for debris build up in the valleys or on the roof; remove debris

#4 If leakage has been reported, then we inspect to see if there is felt paper or if the felt paper is deteriorated; repair or replace with new

#5 Pressure wash any loose moss or algae growth. By performing this annual maintenance, your roof could last its serviceable life.

Shake and Wood Shingles
APP modified bitumen
Modified Bitumen (platinum level installers)
Versico TPO System, IB Roof Systems (which includes a lifetime warranty for residential)

This ARS Roofing product is a single ply membrane that is heat welded. It carries warranties from 15 years all the way to lifetime. The IB Roof Systems product is lightweight, has a warranty against ponding water, and is maintenance FREE. IB Roof Systems is the only product on the market that we are aware of that carries this type of warranty.

This product qualifies for the Energy Star Cool Roof Rating Council and may also qualify for rebates and financing from P.G.E. This product is available in several colors.


Color Options for IB Roof Systems








There are several composition roofing shingles brands. Those brands that we see fewest issues with are GAF and Certainteed roofing products.

There are also many types of flat roofing membranes. IB Roof Systems is the only product on the market that carries a lifetime warranty on residential and is maintenance free.

Gutter Products:

Waterproofing Products:

  • Elastomeric Coating
  • Deck Coatings and Membranes

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