Recognizing Signs That You Need a New Roof

It’s important to know when you need to start looking for the right kind of roofing contractors in Marin County. You probably understand the important role a roof plays in both your home’s security and protection from the elements. Whether you are at your home or away on a business trip, you can have a peaceful night’s sleep knowing that your home is secure.

Your home is impervious to the elements because there’s always a roof protecting your home’s interior. But over time, everything tends to get deteriorated. Your home’s roof deteriorates too! Here are some of the most common signs of roof damage that you can detect early, and know when it’s time to start planning for its repair.

Increase in the size of screw holes

Remember that roof panels are mostly made of metal being held together using screws. Over time, because of multiple reasons – winds, natural deterioration and other movements occurring in the panel – the size of the screw holes might get increased. A bigger screw hole might lead to certain problems including the seeping of water through these openings. The unwanted water seepage can lead to some serious issues inside your home. Therefore, it is important to put a stop to this nuisance as soon as you detect bigger screw holes on the surface of the roof.

Is there standing water on your roof’s surface?

You may be able to see some amount of standing water on your roof. This situation might arise because of two main reasons. The first reason for such a problem might be due to improper installation. During the initial roof installation procedure, the technician may not have been paying attention or was distracted. As a result, it is behaving abnormally. The second possible reason might be a clogged drainage system. If the first issue has been causing it, consider contacting a roofing contractor around your area.

Are there cracks on the shingles?

When shingles get closer to the end of their lifespan, they tend to crack. When left alone at this stage, some further complications may arise jeopardizing the integrity of your roof. It’s highly recommended that you get them replaced at the earliest convenience.

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