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Everything to Know About Internal Gutter Systems

Internal gutter systems comprise a fascia board, gutter lining material, and a metal drop scupper. The common gutter lining can be either a hot mop built-up roofing, a PVC/TPO single ply, or a torch down membrane. Used mostly in flat roof systems, internal gutter...

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What Are Some Common Causes of Roof Damage?

Your roof is more important than you might think. In addition to enhancing your home’s aesthetic appeal, it creates a protective layer, shielding your home from the elements. Roofs take a lot of punishment every day and can develop problems that can impact their...

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The Basic Guide to Roof Maintenance

The benefits of a roof extend beyond simple aesthetics. A functional roof increases home value and improves your home’s energy efficiency. Over time, roofs can develop problems that can impact its integrity. If your roof has structural damage, it can compromise the...

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When Do You Need Emergency Roof Repair?

Since roof problems never go away on their own, emergency roof repair is sometimes required. Roofing issues only get worse over time, especially when there is water involved. The simple rule of thumb is that if you find a problem with your roof that could cause damage...

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3 Reasons You Should Only Work With an Insured Roofer

It's tempting to try and repair your roof on your own. However, major home upgrades should be left to insured and licensed roofers, for both safety and quality. In this regard, you should consider hiring roofing experts in Sonoma County. The license and insurance of a...

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The Importance Of Commercial Roof Maintenance

Regular commercial roof maintenance is just as important to the success of a business as regular residential maintenance is to the structural integrity of a house. A facility manager's major responsibility is to maintain every element of a building structure, but...

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Should I Repair or Replace My Gutters?

It is often difficult to decide between repairing or replacing something, especially when it comes to something as important as your home's gutter system. On the one hand, you do not want to spend more money if the gutter system can be simply repaired for a fraction...

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Ways to Repair Water Damage from a Roof Leak

Like everything else, roofs deteriorate over time. An old or damaged roof is prone to leaks and other forms of damage. Water leaking from your roof will not only create unsightly spots on your ceilings and walls, it can damage your home’s foundation or create slippery...

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5 Reasons to Install Seamless Gutters in Your Home

Unlike regular gutters that are sectioned, seamless gutters are manufactured in single long pieces. They are usually made from copper, painted steel, zinc, or aluminum. Seamless gutters are typically installed directly off of the truck-mounted machine that transported...

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3 Tips to Maintain a Roof

The benefits of roofing extend beyond simple aesthetics. In addition to boosting the appeal of your home, your roof protects it from the elements while reducing the wear and tear on different structures. It also helps maintain the ideal indoor temperature. Roofs take...

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How Do Roofing Experts Locate and Fix Roof Leaks?

A leaky roof is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Leaks can go undetected for weeks, even months. Unaddressed roof leaks are one of the most common causes of structural damage. Water leaking through your roof can make walking surfaces slippery. A wet floor is a disaster...

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Roof Maintenance Tips

Every homeowner in Santa Rosa should make roof maintenance their priority. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of your roof, decreases wear and tear, and prevents issues from snowballing into major concerns. A well maintained roof needs less frequent repairs and...

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What A Roofing Contractor Can Do For You?

Replacing, repairing, or installing a roof can be a risky and tedious job to do, especially without the help of a trained professional. As a matter of fact, roofing requires a skill set and training which only professional roofing contractors possess. In order to...

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What Does Roof Maintenance Include?

Your roof does more than just improve the aesthetic of your home. It protects your home from outside weather while helping maintain a comfortable temperature. As roofs age, they begin to develop problems. They crack, wrap, or develop leaks. To get the most out of your...

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