How to Prolong the Life of Your Gutters & Avoid Unnecessary Gutter Repairs in Marin County

While your gutters protect your house, you also need to be sure you are protecting your gutters. If you do not stay up on caring for the gutters, you’ll end up paying more for it long-term through extra gutter repair in Marin County or brand-new gutter installations. Additionally, if you are not careful, it may also result in damage to the roof, which is far more expensive to correct.

That is why ARS Roofing wants to do everything in its power to help you understand the needs of your gutters and how you can go about prolonging the life of this important element of the house. 

  • Clean the Gutters

For starters, you want to clean the gutters at least once, if not twice a year. It’s always good to clean out the gutters in early spring, and then again in early fall. Failure to have your gutters cleaned out will cause debris to build up. When debris builds up in the gutters it is difficult for water to flow correctly. This causes the gutters to sag and it may lead to the water pushing back up under the roof, potentially developing much more expensive and damaging problems.

  • Repair When Needed

From time to time, you will need gutter repairs to be done to your Marin County property. Perhaps a heavy branch fell on the gutters or one part is simply starting to buckle from years of use. Whatever it is, do not just let the problem sit. This eventually will go and cause additional problems throughout the gutter system. The water flow may alter and cause additional weight and pressure in other areas of the gutters. This, in turn, will eventually cause more water flow problems and the water will leak into undesirable areas around the house.

So, if you notice the gutter needs servicing while you are having it cleaned out, make sure you do what you can and contact our ARS Roofing team for assistance.

Don’t Wait to Get Gutter Repair in Marin County

Staying on top of your gutters is a must. If you are in need of gutter repair in Marin County, have questions about gutter services or are interested in other services offered by ARS Roofing, make sure to pick up your phone and give our team a call today.


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