What to Know Before You Replace Your Residential Roof in Santa Rosa

Investing in your roof not only helps improve the value of your property, it also helps save on monthly energy bills. However, you don’t want to just settle and go with any random residential roofing contractor in Santa Rosa. You need to first make sure you know what to look for and even what’s going to take place with the replacement roof in general. ARS Roofing wants to help keep you educated on the roofing process, so here is what to you should know before you move ahead with your residential roofing.

  • Two Layer Shingles

If you’re using asphalt shingles you’re allowed to have two layers. If you already have two layers, you’ll need to have the current shingles removed. This can increase the price of the installation by a good amount (depending on the size of the job and the contractor). If you want to save some money yourself you may want to consider removing at least one layer of the shingles.

  • Always Shop Around

Even if you know exactly the contractor you want to go with, it is recommended to shop around to see what company is the best fit for your individual needs. This way, you can figure out a price point and determine if the company will work not only within your budget but within your time frame as well.

  • Top Quality Products

It is always recommended to go with top quality products when roofing your home. Other products may cost less up front but will not last as long. Additionally, most inferior products do not insulate your home as well. So while you save money on the front end, you’ll end up spending more money long term.

  • Always Read the Paperwork

Before putting your name and initials on any dotted line, make sure to read through the paperwork. This way you know what to expect and what’s going on with your project.

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Roofing your home is a major ordeal and a big investment. Due to this, you need to know what you’re getting involved in. So keep all of these points in mind before you start contacting contractors. ARS Roofing is here to help you with your Santa Rosa residential roofing repair and replacement needs, so if you have a question, concern, or are ready to set up an on-site consultation, feel free to give the team at ARS Roofing a call today.

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