Here’s Some Help in Choosing the Right Residential Roofing Contractor in Santa Rosa

Investing in a new roof is an excellent way to add value to your current home. Whether you’re thinking about selling the house in the near future or it’s just time for a new roof, you need to make sure the contractor you choose for residential roofing in Santa Rosa is the right fit for your needs.

ARS Roofing is here to help you discover best residential roofing contractor in the area who can tackle your project.

Local Referrals

One of the best ways of identifying the right roofing company for your needs is to seek out local referrals. Ask friends and family members who have had their roofs done about their personal experience with their contractor. Would they recommend the company? Would they suggest going elsewhere? What did they like and dislike about the contractors? All of this plays a big part in finding the right fit.

Manufacturer Designations

In order to be a certified contractor, the company needs to first pass an assortment of minimum requirements. This means the manufacturer has approved the company and sees it as a top-flight contractor. By looking for these designations on a website it can prove helpful as it shows what brands a company has proven itself worthy of working with.

Check the BBB

The Better Business Bureau can provide all sorts of insights into a company. It is always important to go with a contractor that appears on the BBB. If the contractor doesn’t, there is likely a reason why. In fact, GAF Master Elite Contractors are required to appear on the BBB, which is just another reason as to why you need to look for a professional such as this.


The best contractors will provide a warranty. This shows they stand behind their work. If a contractor doesn’t offer a warranty it’s because they think there is a chance problems might occur with the work.

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