Tips to Help Pick a Roofing Company

When looking for roofing services in Santa Rosa there is no shortage of available options. However, not all roofing companies offer the same level of work. At ARS Roofing, we stand by our work and our highly experienced staff. As professionals with years of experience, we understand what makes a quality roofer. If you’re looking for a roofer keep the following tips in mind to avoid problems and companies that provide services of questionable quality.

Steps to Selecting a Quality Roofing Company

Years in Business: Any respectful roofing company is going to have a history of success. As the roofing industry is a very competitive one, no roofing performing low quality work is going to stay in business for very long. Any roofing company you are considering hiring should be in business for at least 5 years.

  • References and Reputation: One of the most valuable tools for judging the quality of a roofing company is its past work. By reading reviews from previous customers you get information about work time frame, professionalism, any common issues, and the quality of the work itself. Personal referrals from friends and coworkers are advisable but not always available; in such a situation consider reading publically available feedback on the internet as websites devoted to customer feedback have become popular.
  • Proper Insurance: Before hiring any roofer, ask for proof of insurance. A reputable company should always carry worker’s compensation and liability insurance covering damages. Ask for proof of insurance and follow up with their insurance carrier to verify that the insurance coverage claimed is current and paid for.
  • A Warranty: Always review your warranty. A warranty should cover work-related issues such as leaking and other defects. Also, the warranty should cover at least one year, however, two and three warranties are not unheard of. Always ask for associated paperwork for the products used in your roofing project. This is because shingle companies often cover their products for 20 to 30 years for defects or replacement.

When hiring roofing services in Santa Rosa you should work with a roofing company that understands your project needs, that is honest, and takes pride in the results of their work. ARS Roofing guarantees every job we do and work to assure complete customer satisfaction. Contact us today to learn more.

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