Residential Roofing Tips in Santa Rosa – The Dangers of Ignoring Roof Repair and Upkeep

At ARS Roofing, we assist our clients with a variety of roofing repair, upkeep, and installation needs. A common issue we encounter with residential roofing in Santa Rosa is when home and business owners neglect roofing repair and upkeep. This is often due to minor roofing damage being perceived as something that can be safely ignored. However, this can cause a variety of further damage to the roof which we will highlight in this post.

The Damage Roof Neglect Can Cause  

  • Water and Moisture Leaks: The first sign of increasing damage is leaking. Often leaks start as minor roofing damage that is ignored because at the time the leaking is yet to begin. Once leaks start they only become worse over time and cause further water damage.
  • Increased Utility Bills: Any type of hole in a roof lets out warm or cold air in the building. This leads to increased utility bills as cooling or heating a home (or business) requires HVAC units run longer due to the air escaping. In worst case scenarios, units could run nearly nonstop driving up power usage and utility bills.
  • Mold Growth: Moisture collecting in the roof’s structure or gutter system can lead to mold growth. Aside from being hard to eliminate, mold can also spread to the air inside the building causing illness to the people within. Remember mold is not just damaging to a building, it is also a potential health hazard to anyone inside it.
  • Water Damage: Over time water damage can damage a building’s entire structure down to the foundation. Ignored leaks can lead to damage that is far costlier to repair than simply fixing the original leak when it was first noticed.
  • Greater Repair Costs: Lastly, ignoring roof upkeep only drives up future repair costs. Ignoring gutter upkeep can lead to having to replace the entire gutter system. Ignoring simple leaks can lead to the entire roof needing to be replaced as it’s been damaged by mold, water, and rotting.


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With decades of experience in residential roofing in Santa Rosa, ARS Roofing can help you with regular roofing upkeep and repair. As the above guide shows, ignoring regular upkeep can lead to more costly repairs in the future. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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