Five Tips to Pick the Best Roofing Services in Santa Rosa

Regular roof upkeep is a part of home ownership, however, picking a roofing contractor can be challenging. By keeping the following five tips from ARS Roofing in mind, you can avoid contractors who overcharge, scam customers, or provide low quality work.

Five Tips for Picking a Roofing Contractor

  1. Referrals: Are quite useful when you are looking for roofing services in Santa Rosa. One of the best ways to learn about the quality of work a roofing contractor performs is to talk with a former customer. Also, many roofing contractors encourage referrals which also speak to how they treat their customers which is also important to keep in mind. Aside from in-person referrals from friends, family, or colleagues, online review services can also be very informative.
  2. Always Talk To More Than One Contractor: When meeting with companies that provide roofing services in Santa Rosa, talking to more than one gives you the opportunity to compare prices, see how they talk to customers, ask questions about their services, and ask about licensing. Be sure to look out for any red flags such as prices that are little too cheap or roofing contractors who over-focus on the difficulties a job presents.
  3. Hire Local: Aside from supporting the local community a contractor with a local address and phone number is far more likely to care about their reputation in the community. Any contractor with only a PO Box or any other type of hard to locate mailing address will not be as concerned about their reputation (and by extension the quality of their work). In very extreme cases they may even be a con artist.
  4. Licensing and insurance: Any worthwhile roofing contractor should be properly licensed and have the proper insurance. After verifying their state licensing, ask to see proof of the two types of insurance – a contractor should carry worker’s compensation (to protect their employees) and general liability insurance (to protect your property).
  5. Get It in Writing: Lastly, be sure to get a detailed contract that includes overall costs, the job’s time frame, the nature of the job, materials, who will be overseeing the work, disposal practices, warranties, and any other associated costs.

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