Our Santa Rosa Gutter Repair Team Highlight 4 Misconceptions on Gutter Cleaning

In order to ensure your home is in peak condition throughout the year, it’s important to learn more on effective maintenance and repair strategies. The gutter is an under-considered area of the home, and within this area, you should follow expert guidance to mitigate structural problems and issues with flooding around the property. To help guide you in effective gutter maintenance and repair, our Santa Rosa team are now explaining four misconceptions on gutter cleaning.

  1. All Gutter Cleaning Services are the Same

While it might seem to the untrained homeowner as if all gutter cleaning services are the same, there’s actually a significant number of differences between the local companies and their service options. For example, some gutter cleaning and repair companies in Santa Rosa still use a pressure cleaner on their clients’ gutters. This can cause more damage and more mess than simply leaving the gutter alone throughout the year. The leading companies now harness vacuum cleaning to eliminate cleaning challenges.

  1. All a Cleaning Company Needs is Quality Equipment

While quality cleaning equipment plays an important role in Santa Rosa gutter cleaning and repair work, companies should also ensure their teams are trained to follow the latest cleaning guidance from within the industry. It’s also important on-site technicians can identify the signs of dirt and mold so they can play an active role within the cleaning process. In addition, teams should be trained to complete the work safety to mitigate the risk to the client and their home.

  1. Leaves can be Removed Safely by a Homeowner

You might believe you’re able to quickly and easily remove leaves from your roof and gutter area using your home ladder, but this can often be exceptionally dangerous. Working from a ladder is one of the number one causes of injury in and around U.S. homes, and you and your family can cause significant damage by misusing your home ladder. By simply turning to qualified Santa Rosa gutter cleaning and repair professionals, such as ARS Roofing, you can remain safe and protect your property.

  1. My Handyman Can Complete Gutter Cleaning

Some local handymen offer gutter cleaning as a side service. But this often means that they are not trained to complete the work and won’t be able to provide you with the ideal results for your investment. Gutter cleaning and repair teams need significant training and quality tools to complete their work, and only by trusting a dedicated gutter maintenance expert can you ensure value for money.

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