Our Santa Rosa Roofing Company Experts Explain How to Reduce Roofing Costs

In order to protect your family and safeguard the structure of your home, you should gain a clearer understanding on your roofing system and its performance. To help guide you as you work to mitigate the costs of any future roofing repair or replacement work, our ARS Roofing team looks at several signs of roof damage that require professional analysis from a local Santa Rosa roofing company.

Shingle Decay

The problem could be related to weathering or simply the age of the shingle, but over time, roofing materials begin to decay. During the decaying process, the shingle then moves away from the roofing structure, potentially allowing water and other elements inside the home. Shingle decay is a clear sign that your home should be reviewed by a local Santa Rosa roofing company. Make sure the company is aware of your issue when you call them and they’ll likely visit your home on short notice.

Cracked or Loose Shingles

Replacing cracked or loose shingles as quickly as possible can often make the difference between having to undergo a full roofing replacement project and a simple repair job. Shingles that have become loosened or cracked as a result of garden debris or the impact from a storm require immediate replacement. That’s because the crack within the shingle can lead it to breaking off and impacting other shingles on the roof. It might also allow mildew to spread from within the roofing system, causing lasting damage that can only be resolved with a replacement roof.

Visible Stains on Walls and Ceilings

When water begins to enter your home, you might not see the problem immediately. That’s because your home structure is designed to separate you from the outside elements. Over time, however, a leak within your home roof may be highlighted in the form of visible staining on the walls and ceilings. This is a sign that water has entered the home and is now causing flooding within the home structure. It’s important to notify your local roofing company the moment you discover this type of damage in the home.

In working with a trusted and qualified roofing company in the local Santa Rosa region, you can make sure your home is protected and any roofing challenges are resolved for the long-term. To learn more on how to safeguard your roofing system, contact our team at ARS Roofing today!

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