Spring Is Here. Are Your Santa Rosa Gutters Clean?

As winter passes and spring comes, it’s time to check the state of your home’s gutters. Otherwise, you may be considering gutter repair in Santa Rosa sooner rather than later.

Even in an area with mild winters like Santa Rosa, fall and winter are some of the hardest times of year on your home’s gutters. It’s all too easy for them to become full of debris, which then creates major clogs when the spring rains come. In worst case scenarios, the combination of clogged gutters and heavy rains leads straight to broken gutters and repair bills.

Remember: Even if you don’t have trees nearby, that doesn’t mean your gutters won’t get clogged.  Flying debris can come from far and wide to settle on your roof. Everyone with gutters on their house should at least check them, rather than assuming everything is OK.

Tips for Spring Gutter Cleaning

  1. Always have backup

It’s a bad idea to work with ladders or climb onto your roof without a spotter around to hold the ladder and help from the ground level.  

  1. The right tool for the right job

The best way to clean out your gutters is with a gutter scoop, a specialty tool available at most hardware stores which is specifically made for this purpose. Don’t have one? Try using a child’s toy shovel instead. The important thing is that it shouldn’t be too heavy or pointed, or it could easily damage the gutter.

  1. Check the connections while you’re up there

Are the gutters still firmly attached to your roof? If you spot areas where the nails/spikes are coming loose or ties attaching them to poles are missing, this is the perfect time to take care of that. Otherwise, it’s just a matter of time before they break away from the wall and create bigger problems.

  1. Consider installing gutter covers

If your area is prone to flying debris, or you have trees overhanging your roof, gutter covers could be an excellent investment. They’re low cost and prevent most debris from entering the gutters while still letting water through. Cleaning them off is easier too.

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