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How Getting a Roof Inspection May Help You Sell Your Home

How Getting a Roof Inspection May Help You Sell Your Home

Getting a Roof Inspection to Sell Your HouseThere’s enough to do when preparing to list your home for sale, but some preparation has a bigger payoff than others. One aspect of listing preparation that many home owners and their agents overlook is the condition of the roof. Unlike many other parts of a home, where maintenance issues and upkeep are more common knowledge, assessing the condition and …

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Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

When to replace your roof in santa rosaWhen should you consider replacing your roof, as opposed to repairing it?  Variables in roofing materials and your particular situation will ultimately help decide, but we’ve put together some helpful questions to help you make that decision.

What is the age of your roof compared with its expected lifespan?

  • Asphalt Shingles:  This is the most common of residential roofing material
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How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

How to Find the Right Roofing Contractor

Roofing company in Santa RosaOne of the most important components of your home is your roof.  It is often overlooked even though it is subject to every weather condition your home must endure.  Because your roof is vital to the well-being of the rest of your home, it is important to find a local roofing company that you can rely on to keep your …

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10 Year Anniversary Ribbon Cutting

California drought: El Niño probability raised to 78 percent for next winter

Drought-weary California, heading into a long, hot summer of water shortages and extreme fire risk, received some potentially good news Thursday: Federal scientists announced there is now a 4-in-5 chance of El Niño conditions developing by the end of the year.

El Niño events — when warmer-than-normal sea surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean at the equator affect the jet …

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Featured Marin County Roofing & Gutter Projects

Our roofing and gutter projects have brought us throughout the North Bay Area and beyond, providing excellent service to our valued clients. Much of our work finds us in and around Marin County, working with businesses small and large, property owners, and many others. We love Marin County, and are excited to feature below some of our recent projects in

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Featured Sonoma County Roofing & Gutter Projects

Kathryn Baker
Baker & Associates
Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park apartment and residential gutter and roof replacement

Richard Cooper
Giovannoni and Copper
Healdsburg Commercial and residential reroof and emergency roof repairs …

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Why Every Home for Sale Needs a Roof Inspection

You’ve been saving for a new home, viewing houses every weekend in your favorite neighborhoods, and you’ve finally found the one you want.

Its cupboards are in perfect condition, the yard has drought-resistant plants, and both bathrooms were recently remodeled. It has another benefit: it’s located near a really good school.

What about the roof? Even if you think the …

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Protect Your Home by Preparing for an Earthquake

By Letitia Hanke-Ryzhkov

Roofs can be expensive and that’s why at Alternative Roofing Solutions we always advise our clients to take good care of them.

One way to take care of your home is to prepare for a natural disaster and in California, flooding and earthquakes are our most common threats. In an effort to help our clients and our …

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Waterproof Your Roof

Once we install a new roof for our clients, they usually don’t think about them anymore except for the occasional cleaning of gutters and downspouts.

Beware: Roofs don’t take care of themselves.

Over time, roofs need vigilance just like any other part of your home. Proper roof management includes a number of tasks including keeping the gutters and downspouts clear, …

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The Many Benefits of a Tile Roof

Tile roofs are beautiful but beauty isn’t the only reason to select tile the next time you’re ready to replace your roof.

Tiles have a long life expectancy and are well suited for homes either in or adjacent to forested areas, depending on the elevation. They also are more durable under harsh weather conditions, are fireproof, and resist damage during …

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Roof Maintenance

Repairing or replacing your roof can be expensive. Spending a few minutes every six months looking closely at your roof can help you identify roof maintenance opportunities that will help prevent costly repairs later. It’s also important to periodically check your homeowners insurance to make sure that serious roof damage is covered by your policy.

Roof maintenance: What to look

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Rare tornadoes touch down in Northern California

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS NEWS) — Tornadoes touched down during storms in Northern California, including one twister near Sacramento that damaged a dozen homes and left a path of debris about 300 yards long.

Twelve houses suffered roof damage and six reported fence damage when a tornado hit near Roseville in Placer County shortly after 6:15 p.m. Wednesday, Division …

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LeafGuard: How to protect your gutters and yourself

Did you know The Ladder Safety Institute claims that 160,000 people are injured from non-occupational falls off ladders yearly, and a US Government Safety Commission study found that ladder falls account for over 59% of fall fatalities for people over the age of 65?

Indeed, we all know of someone who is bound and determined to take on home repair …

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How to Choose… Gutters for Your Home

Keeping water away from the foundation is essential for proper home maintenance.

Standing water will cause severe damage to the exterior and interior of your house. The design of the structure or where you live doesn’t matter.

A quality gutter system can divert water away from the foundation. Installing and maintaining this system will save your home from needless structural …

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Alternative Roofing Solutions Projects

Sizzling Hot Summer Creates Fire Risk to Homeowners

One question that professionals in the home remodeling industry often hear is, “How can I fireproof my home during the summer months?”

There are several steps you can take without spending any money and whether you own a home or rent. Here are a few suggestions:

Have your electrical wiring checked, especially …

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Women Entrepreneurs in California Lead the Nation

A recent study by American Express found that women-owned businesses have soared by 59 percent since 1997.

California Leads the Way

California leads the nation with an estimated 1.1 million businesses owned by women who hire 983,000 people and generate about $198 million in sales. One in three of those businesses were also minority-owned companies, just like Alternative Roofing Solutions …

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7 Tips for Maintaining Your Roof – and Extending It’s Life

When was the last time you climbed atop your house to remove debris from your roof?

Many people don’t realize that by maintaining their roof on a regular basis they can extend their roof’s lifespan by 5-10 years or longer.

Let’s say that you purchased the installation of a composition roof with a 40-year lifespan. Did you know that your …

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