How Getting a Roof Inspection May Help You Sell Your Home

Getting a Roof Inspection to Sell Your HouseThere’s enough to do when preparing to list your home for sale, but some preparation has a bigger payoff than others. One aspect of listing preparation that many home owners and their agents overlook is the condition of the roof. Unlike many other parts of a home, where maintenance issues and upkeep are more common knowledge, assessing the condition and life expectancy of an installed roof is really a job for the professionals.

Many real estate agents will advise a home owner to hire a home inspector to help them understand issues and repairs they may be able to correct and improve their home before listing, or if there are no issues, a selling point can be a complete inspection with no glaring issues. However, home inspectors do not usually perform an in-depth roof inspection and therefore can’t provide the level of insight a true roofer can.

If you believe your roof may have issues, we provide free service estimates which can help you determine the condition of your roof and gutters as well as any service it may need so you can consider possible repairs or upkeep before you list your home. If you believe your roof is generally in good condition and you would like a record of the condition and estimated life expectancy left on your roof, ask for an Inspection Certification. Being able to provide buyers with reassurance that your home, roof, and gutters are in good operating condition can help set your home apart from others in a buyer’s market.

Calling in the pros can help to make your roof estimate or inspection quick and easy and may uncover many common roofing issues, such as:

  • Movement or shifting
  • Broken, loose, or missing shingles
  • Buckling and blistering
  • Moisture damage and roof decay
  • Damage to flashing
  • Gutter leaks and holes

With everything that can go wrong in a home, it’s good to have peace of mind and know that your roof is in good condition, regardless of if you’re preparing to list your home or not. For a potential home buyer, knowing the condition of the roof can offer one less uncertainty in the home buying process. At ARS Roofing, we are committed to helping you will all your roofing needs and are available when you need us.

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