Gutter Issues? Know When to Call in the Experts

Your gutters direct water away from your siding and foundation to prevent water damage to your property. Gutters take a lot of punishment every day, especially during the monsoon season, and can develop problems over time. Gutter problems can negatively affect the efficiency of your gutters and reduce their lifespan. Address problems affecting your gutters in a timely fashion, or serious, even irreversible, damage can occur to your gutter system.

Here are some signs that your gutter has problems and needs professional attention.

Water is Pooling on Your Roof Near the Gutters

Pooling water is a sign that your gutters have become clogged or damaged. It could cause structural damage, attract pests that can gnaw their way into parts of your home, or lead to mold growth. This is a serious problem and should be dealt with swiftly. Before things get any worse, schedule a professional gutter repair in Sonoma County.

Your Gutters Are Badly Clogged

If you can see debris on the top of your gutters right along the roof line, they are severely clogged. Some other common signs you have clogged gutters include staining on your siding, plant growth in your gutters, and sagging or collapsing gutter sides. Clogs can be caused by debris such as tree leaves, pollen, remnants of bird nests, and pine. A gutter cleaning expert will deep clean your gutters and install gutter guards to keep debris out of your gutter system.

Peeling Paint

The paint on your gutters adds a layer of protection against the elements. If it starts to peel off, have a professional inspect your gutters. Your roofing contractor will conduct a thorough inspection to determine if your gutters are damaged but repairable or are beyond saving and need replacement. Paint peeling usually occurs for one of two reasons – poor paint adhesion or moisture under the paint. If you ignore the problem, water damage can occur to your home.

Visible Cracks in Your Gutters

Exposure to the elements can result in gutter cracks. Even if the brackets of your gutters are intact, we strongly recommend replacing the gutters before cracks widen, threatening their structural integrity. Given the important role that your gutters play in preventing water damage to your home, you will want to avoid putting off gutter replacement.

Your Gutters Are Falling Off of Your Roof

Your gutters are held onto the edges of your roof by a series of brackets. From regular wear and tear to debris buildup, several things can affect the ability of gutter brackets to hold gutters in place. Regardless of the reason, have a professional inspect and repair your gutters as soon as possible.

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