Everything You Need to Know About When to Replace a Flat Roof

A flat roof is completely or almost level. Despite the name, most flat roofs have a slight pitch of 10 degrees or below. Flat roofs are easier to maintain and cost less than many other roofs.

A well-maintained flat roof can last several years. Like other roofs, flat roofs are not built to last forever. Even with regular maintenance, a flat roof will need to be replaced. A properly installed and maintained flat roof can last 15-20 years. The lifespan of a flat roof depends on several factors, including the roofing materials used, weather conditions, and whether the attic is properly ventilated.

Signs Your Flat Roof Needs to be Replaced

If your flat roof frequently runs into problems, you may wonder whether you should repair or replace it. Your roofing contractor will conduct a thorough inspection to determine if your flat roof is damaged but repairable or is damaged beyond repair and needs to be replaced.

Here are some signs your flat roof is beyond saving.

Water Pooling

Because flat roofs have little to almost no slope, water cannot properly run off the surface. As a result, water pools on them. Ponding water on your flat roof can cause cracks. If water pools regularly on your roof after it rains, it may need to be replaced.

Bubbling, Blistering, and Adhesion Failure

Bubbles are generally filled with water or air. Some common causes of bubbling and blistering include poor insulation, insufficient ventilation, and poor workmanship. If you fail to move swiftly to address the problem, the blisters on your roof’s surface can widen and eventually pop, leaving holes in your roof. If so, you may have to replace your roof to protect your property from water damage.

Cracks, Splits, and Tears

If a crack or split is ignored for too long, the plyboard or chipboard may absorb water, turning the material to mush. This can negatively affect the structural integrity of your flat roof.

If your roof has a few minor cracks, your contractor will repair it; however, if there are wide, gaping cracks across the surface of your roof, it’s best to replace it.

The Flashing is Pulling

Like other roofs, flat asphalt roofs expand and contract with changes in temperature. This expansion and contraction can cause your flashing to pull away from your roof’s edges and corners if unchecked. As a result, moisture can get trapped, and leaks can appear on your ceiling. If your flashing has contracted or overextended, consider replacing it and your roof.

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