What Does Gutter Cleaning Involve?

Gutters are one of the most important parts of a roofing system. Your gutters are responsible for draining water away from your home and its foundation to prevent water damage.

Over time, gutters become clogged with debris, dirt, and dust. Clogged gutters can’t drain properly and can lead to water damage. To keep your gutters from clogging, clean them twice a year. Regular gutter cleaning prevents problems, improves performance, and extends the lifespan of your gutters.

Gutters that are cleaned periodically are more reliable than those that are cleaned once in a while or never at all. They do not develop problems as frequently as poorly maintained gutters and can save you money and headaches on gutter repair in Marin County.

Here are five steps to cleaning gutters.

1. Remove light debris such as leaves, acorns, and sticks from your roof
2. Remove heavy debris using your hands and place it in a bucket
3. Remove any remaining debris with a powerful handheld blower or flush your gutters with a garden hose
4. Inspect each downspout to make sure it is clear. Snake clogged downspouts or flush them with a garden hose
5. Clean any debris around your house and dispose it of properly

Gutter Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Safety First

Use a sturdy, extendable ladder instead of a stepladder as stepladders are not stable and are prone to tipping. Place it on steady and level ground and use gloves to protect your hands from any cuts or injuries.

Using a Garden Hose, Leaf Blower, or Power Washer

• As long as your gutters aren’t severely clogged, you can use a garden hose. Make sure the hose is equipped with the right attachment.

• If your gutters are clogged with too many leaves or twigs, use a leaf blower with an attachment that releases a powerful airstream to blast leaves and twigs out of gutters.

• For gutters that haven’t been cleaned for a long time, use a power washer. Blast away dirt with the fine-spray nozzle of your power washer.

Gutter cleaning is not as straightforward and easy as it seems. DIY enthusiasts often miss dirty areas or inadvertently damage gutter parts while cleaning them. To access your rooftop, you should climb a ladder, which is an inherently dangerous activity. Why take chances when help is just a phone call away?

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