Gutter Repair: A Guide for Homeowners

Installing gutters is a proven way to prevent water damage to your home. Like every roofing component, gutters can develop problems over time if not maintained properly. An unaddressed gutter problem can snowball into a major issue, affecting how your gutters move water away from your home’s foundation.

In the North Bay, common causes of gutter damage include improper gutter installation, lack of maintenance, and age-related deterioration. Whatever the reason for gutter damage, address problems as soon as possible to prevent long-term consequences.

Here are some common gutter problems and how to address them.

Loose and Sagging Gutters
These are easy to identify and fix. A gutter is loose if you can see a strip of sky between it and the wall. Even if there is only a small gap between a gutter and your fascia board, re-secure it as soon as possible.

Another common problem is sagging gutters. How can you tell if your gutters are sagging? Take a few steps away from the house! If your gutters are not in a straight line all the way across, they are sagging. Re-secure or re-pitch sagging gutters as necessary before they pull away from the wall and fall down.

Loose Gutter Spikes
A gutter spike is basically a big nail that goes through the gutter and holds it to the wall. Loose gutter spikes stick out and should be tapped back in. Use a hammer or a rubber mallet to tap hanging gutter spikes back into

Too many loose gutter spikes can indicate an underlying problem. Remember the hole into which the spike fits wears out over time. If you re-nail your gutter spikes too often, they can come loose sooner than expected.

Missing Gutter or Downspout Straps
Gutter straps are spaced 18-24 inches apart. A gutter strap goes around the outside of the gutter. Downspout brackets go across the face of downspouts. When gutter straps are missing, the remaining straps must bear more weight, so they can come loose faster than expected.

Missing downspout straps can cause your downspout to come off the wall. Fortunately, these are not serious or expensive problems. You can easily find and install downspout brackets.

Failing Gutter Seams
A gutter seam is where two gutter sections meet or where a gutter meets a corner miter. Seams are supposed to be sealed. Over time, the joints can fail and start to leak. To prevent problems, re-seal failing seams. However, choose a dry day for the repairs. If your gutters are dirty and wet, clean them and wait a couple of days before re-sealing the joints.

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