How Do Roofing Experts Locate and Fix Roof Leaks?

A leaky roof is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Leaks can go undetected for weeks, even months. Unaddressed roof leaks are one of the most common causes of structural damage.

Water leaking through your roof can make walking surfaces slippery. A wet floor is a disaster waiting to happen as someone can slip and sustain a major injury. In addition, a leaky roof will also damage your attic and insulation.

A leaky roof can also lead to mold and mildew growth. Moreover, water leaking through your roof can make its way into your walls and can be a source of dampness and seepage in your home.

Many homeowners procrastinate on roof repairs which can be a costly mistake. The problem will worsen over time and you are likely to end up with a costly or even irreversible repair.

Some signs of a leaky roof are water stains on your ceiling, spots on the exterior wall, unexplained dripping sounds, missing shingles, cracked or damaged flashing around roof vents, and bubbling or peeling paint.

Hire a roofing expert for roof repair in Marin County. Roofing experts get to the root causes of roofing problems to make sure that your roof is actually repaired and not just masking the symptoms. Before repairing a leak, your roofing contractor will identify its location and assess the extent of the damage to help determine the next step.

Your roofing contractor will check the attic to determine if the damage is at the sheathing or further above the roofline. Once they locate the source, your professional may insert a metal wire through the opening so that it is clearly visible from the outside. If no damage is found, your contractor will check the vent gaskets, shingles, and flashing for damage.

Roofing contractors use roofing cement to fix small holes and punctures. First, your contractor will inspect your shingles. If a shingle is damaged, they will carefully pry up the adjacent shingles, remove the nails, take out the damaged shingle and replace it with a new shingle.

Roofing contractors are well aware of rooftop safety hazards. They are trained to climb up and down ladders safely. They use safety equipment such as ropes, harnesses, helmets, slings, rope grabs, SRLs, and twin-leg lanyards.

Why wait for leaks to develop and then take action when you can prevent them from occurring in the first place? At ARS, Roofing, Gutters & Solar, we take a proactive approach to roof maintenance. We are your Marin County roof repair experts. Our inspection and maintenance programs focus on preventing roofing problems before they occur. Contact us at (707) 584-5900.

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