Why Your Commercial Roof Needs Regular Maintenance

A functional commercial roof will help regulate your building’s temperature and protect it from the elements. Like residential roofs, commercial roofs need regular maintenance and upkeep.

Roof maintenance in Marin County should be a priority, not an afterthought. By having a roofing contractor inspect and maintain your roof, you can prevent underlying issues from snowballing into major roofing concerns.

Here are some reasons to maintain your commercial roof regularly.

Extends Service Life

The average commercial roof can last between 10 and 40 years. One of the most important factors determining your roof’s service life is the level of maintenance it receives. Without proper, regular maintenance a roof can fail prematurely.

If your roofing system fails prematurely, the cost of replacing it can add up quickly. Regular maintenance will add years to the service life of your roof, saving you money in the long run.

A Well-maintained Roof can Help Boost Employee Productivity

Ignoring roof maintenance and repair could prove to be a costly mistake. A poorly maintained roof can have several issues. Lack of maintenance can lead to dangerous situations, health problems, and accidents.

If your roof has leaks, water leaking through the roof can make its way into your walls and can be a source of dampness in your building. Too much humidity will cause discomfort affecting employee productivity. A leaky roof can result in mold growth, which can make your employees sick.

Mold grows in areas where moisture is trapped. Roofs are regularly exposed to wind and rain and can support mold growth. During maintenance, your contractor will find and fix leaks. The professional will take several steps such as trimming branches hanging over your roof, clearing debris, cleaning your gutters, and upgrading shingles to prevent mold.

Regular Maintenance can Help Reduce Employer Liability

Employers are responsible for creating a sanitary and safe working environment. If an accident or mishap occurs at a workplace and it is found that the employer did not do enough to ensure a safe working environment, they can be held liable for the damage.

A leaking or damaged roof can pose several hazards. Water dripping from a leaky roof can create slippery conditions. When you have a well-maintained roofing system, you have one less thing to worry about.

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