4 Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

As a homeowner, roof maintenance should be your top priority. Consider roof maintenance to be an ongoing exercise, not a one-time activity. A well-maintained roof will need less frequent repairs and can help lower your heating and cooling costs.

Timely inspections and maintenance can save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars in repair costs down the road.

Most importantly, a well-maintained roof is more reliable than a poorly maintained roof and at lower risk of developing leaks, holes, and other problems that can compromise its structural integrity.

Here are some roof maintenance tips from ARS Roofing, roof maintenance experts in Sonoma County.

Thoroughly Inspect Shingles Periodically 

Every season brings unique challenges for roofs. The sun’s rays are the strongest during hot, humid months and can cause severe damage. Rains and winds during winters can blow away or damage shingles.

Perform a thorough inspection of your shingles every season. Check them for signs of damage or excessive wear, such as discolored and missing shingles. Check the integrity of your vent pipes and the caulk around the flashing. Moss or lichen growth could mean that the material beneath your shingles has decayed. Address these problems as soon as possible.

Clean and Maintain Your Gutters 

Your gutters drain water away from your home’s foundation. To ensure your gutters are doing their job properly, inspect and maintain them regularly.

Keep your gutters free of leaves, sticks, and debris. Clean them at least twice a year. If you have branches hanging over your home close enough to touch your roof, trim them regularly. Invest in a gutter guard. Your gutter guard will prevent debris and dry leaves from accumulating.

Replace the Caulk Around Your Flashing as Required 

The flashing around your chimney and vent pipes prevents water from leaking into your home. Check the caulk regularly for signs of damage. Consider, replacing it annually. If the caulk is missing or starting to lift in any area, scrape away the old caulk and add a new bead to fill the gap.

 Keep Your Roof Clean 

Do not let debris and dry leaves accumulate on your roof. Using a roof cleaning brush, gently scrub different parts of your roof. Avoid using high-pressured water as it can damage shingles. Trim branches hanging close to your roof.

If you notice moss and lichen growing on your roof, have it professionally cleaned. Once your roof is clean and dry, apply a moss killer solution containing zinc and copper to keep moss and lichen from growing back.

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