3 Instances That Indicate a Roof Must Be Replaced Instead of Repairing

How are you so sure about the health of the roof of your house? When was the last time you had analyzed its conditions? Are you confident that the roof is still at its prime? If not, it is time to take some serious steps to ensure no further damage is done. Most often, people underestimate the intensity of the wear and tear that their roof goes through. As a result, they opt for repair. They forget that not every time repairing the roof is a good option. In many cases, you must go that extra mile, and get it replaced.

We know that replacing the roof might sound expensive, but in the long run, it ensures the safety of your family. Besides, nowadays, replacing the roof can be budget friendly. There are many companies that offer affordable and reliable roofing services in Sonoma County.

Don’t just hope of quickly fixing the problems. Under the following situations, you should make the smart move of replacing your roof.

If Your Roof is Old

This one is surely a no-brainer. Before spending tons of money on repairing your roof, consider its age. It is time to monitor the conditions tactfully. Of course, your old roof deserves a replacement. It is worth noting that shingles made of asphalt enjoy a lifespan of 15 years. In contrast, those made of concrete tile or clay tiles can last for as long as 50 and 30 years, respectively. It’s time to figure out the age of your roof and decide wisely.

Do You Notice Any Damage?

You probably understand the ability of a tiny hole in becoming a giant crater. We have been asked throughout not to judge a book by its cover. Similarly, never judge the health of your roof simply by looking from the outside. Any signs of damaged or missing shingles indicate that there is a need for roof replacement. Additionally, if you notice discoloration of your ceiling or rots on wood and even growth of mold in your attic, immediately replace your roof.

Are You Selling Your Home?

When you are selling your house, you better enhance its appearance. It is always recommended to replace your old roof before making the sale. It will dramatically improve the price value of your house. It is a g that people will pay a higher amount to buy an average house with a brand-new roof instead of a beautiful house with a broken ceiling.

Depending upon the conditions, you may decide to repair or replace your roof. In both situations, always opt for professional help. Call ARS Roofing, Gutters & Solar at 707-584-5900 today for more information.

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