3 Amazing Ways to Deal with Roof Water Stains

The roof of your house can be anything but a betrayer, especially when it has to protect you from the rain. You should take care of its health if you want it to shelter you. After all, the roof has been sharing the same space with you for years.

Water Stains: Use Environmentally Friendly Products

The most common threat to your roof is water. Let alone the moisture stains, being unable to treat water leakage can also end up in weakening of the bricks and mortar of your roof. Luckily, you can monitor the health of your roof, and how much damage the water has done by seeping into it. Whenever you come across a water stain, small or large, you should act as soon as possible. Use green products that don’t damage the wall or the areas where they are applied. Eco-friendly products might be expensive, but there are no doubts regarding their efficient performance.

Cleaning Up Algae Stains

If you come across stains of black or green color on your roof, ensure that you get rid of them. These stains are caused because of the emergence of microorganisms like moss and algae. These organisms breed in the constant presence of sunlight and moisture. Over time, they build up, and might lead to a threatening condition for your roof top. The remedy for staying away from such killer organisms is to use power-spray. You may also scrub the area. However, the second option might damage your rooftop.

Stains Caused by Water Build-Up

Often, air conditioners end up leaking water, which in turn builds up to form yellow or white-water stains on your roof. Roofs under these cooling units are more likely to be affected by these circumstances. Do not try scrubbing the area unless you desire to bring upon irreparable damage to your roof. Instead, use a vinegar solution for cleaning up the affected area. It gradually forces the stains to fade away, without risking the life of your roofs. Make sure to stay away from untested home remedies. You may also opt for professional assistance from companies that offer services in roofing in Marin County.

We understand that time is the most precious possession, and yet that should not mean that you ignore your roof. Whenever there are signs of water stains showing up on your walls, opt for expert solutions. ARS Roofing, Gutters & Solar is one such expert in the space. You can call them at 707-584-5900.

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