Signs that Your Home Requires Gutter Repair

How to Avoid Constant Gutter Repair in Santa Rosa

Gutters are an important part of a building, and their primary purpose is to preserve the structural integrity of a building. They require regular maintenance so as to prevent leakage and compromising your building’s structure.

You need to be vigilant on the condition of the gutter to prevent the destruction of your household property by excess water leakage. Make sure to look out for some of these telltale signs to prevent your house from damage and to avoid the necessity of gutter repair in Santa Rosa:

Cracks, holes or rust spots

Any spotting of a large number of holes, cracks or rust spots is a clear indication of a gutter that is in dire need of replacement. If they appear in few numbers, then some sealant is enough to take care of the minor problem for now before you call in the experts.

Several gutter fasteners being broken

Fasteners are pieces of curved metal designed to hold your gutter to the roof and keep it level. If missing or broken, your gutter will be pulled down by the weight of water or debris. Fixing them is recommended, but if the problem persists, the gutter itself might be the problem, requiring replacement.

Loose screws or screws that have fallen to the ground

Loose screws lead to loose gutters which are bent by water weight causing water to spill out and damage your house.

Clogged gutters

If not maintained, gutters can get clogged with leaves, twigs, or standing water that renders them useless. This also leads to the gutters sagging and pulling away from the fascia board. Unblocking them will do you a favor of saving future expenses on damaged gutters, but if their condition is too bad, total repair or replacement might be required.

Downspouts draining too closely to the building’s foundation

The downspouts should include extensions at their bases to drain away from the building’s basement. Otherwise, the foundation will be compromised due to excess wetness. Correcting this is also advisable.

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