Roof Maintenance in Santa Rosa

Tips for Roof Maintenance in Santa Rosa

It’s always advisable not to wait until you experience leaks to consider your roof maintenance in Santa Rosa. Give your home a thorough roof inspection when the weather is still great.

Most Santa Rosa homeowners are not roofing experts and might not know what to look for when doing a roof inspection of their home. You don’t have to climb your roof to check for flaws; there are certain things that you could notice by safely inspecting from below.

Any Spotty Shingle Coverage

Check out the area around your roof’s edges for any shingles that are cracked, pulled up or missing. You can also check to see if your gutters are full of dirt or stagnant water. Remember, a buildup of water and dirt on the gutters will lead to some seepage and result in not only a leak into your house but also an unnecessary early rotting of your roof decking.

Rust Spots

If you notice any rust spots on your roofing, this is a sign that the drip edges, as well as the aluminum capping around your roof that guides the water when it rains, require immediate attention.

Moss on the Roof

A green roof is beautiful, but not when it is moss-covered. Moss is a clear indication that you have a problem. You can opt to sweep it off yourself using a long-handled broom, but how often will it recur? The best thing is contacting a roofing expert and discussing other roofing options.

Cracked Caulk

The areas where your roof-lines meet and the spots where the vent and chimney pipes meet the roof are the most vulnerable when it comes to instances of cracked caulk. Cracked caulk results in water seeping into your home when it rains.

It is evident that you shouldn’t ignore any sign of roofing trouble because of repair costs. Affordable roof maintenance in Santa Rosa is possible; contact ARS Roofing by calling (707) 584-5900 for all your roofing solutions.

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