How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

A good roof is a necessity. Its benefits extend beyond aesthetics. Your roof protects your home from the elements and helps maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Whether you want to replace your existing roof or have it maintained, hire a professional for the job. Look for a contractor with hands-on experience of servicing and installing different types of roofs.

An experienced roofing company in Santa Rosa has mastered different roof installation techniques. Their knowledge enables them to tailor roofing solutions to their customers’ unique needs. A reputable roofing contractor has acquired specialized skills and are able to avoid roof installation and maintenance mistakes that can have a drastic domino effect.

Unfortunately, not every roofing contractor is created equal. During your search for a reliable roofing contractor, you may meet amateurs masquerading as know-it-alls. Such contractors make hollow claims, and do not have what it takes to deliver the goods. Steersclear of them.

Also, just because your neighbor, friend or a family member uses a particular contractor do not automatically assume they’re the right choice for you. First assess the skills of the contractor you are considering and then determine if they’re the right choice for you.

Follow these tips when selecting a roofing contractor.

Check License and Insurance

Make sure the contractor you are considering has a valid license and carries insurance. To obtain their license, a roofing expert must undergo training, gain experience, and finally pass the state licensing test that checks participants’ knowledge.

A licensed roofing contractor is expected to stay on top of industry trends and should upgrade their skills and expand their knowledge base at regular intervals. When you hire a licensed contractor, you have peace of mind that comes with knowing that your roof is in safe hands.

Look for an insured roofing contractor. Look for an insured roofing contractor. If you opt for an uninsured roofer and someone on their crew meets with an accident and gets injured on your property, you may be held liable for damages. When you hire an insured roofing company in Santa Rosa, the contractor’s insurer takes care of any damage claims.

Check the Contractor’s Reputation

To check the reputation of a roofer, do online research. Go to their social media profiles to see what their customers are talking about them. Check their BBB ranking and read customer reviews posted on independent, reliable review websites. Find out if any lawsuits were filed against their bond.

Ask Around

If a friend, family member or neighbor has just wrapped up a roofing project, talk to them about their experience working with their contractor. Ask them the following questions to assess the skills, knowledge, and expertise of the contractor.

  • Was your project finished on time and on budget? If not, why?
  • Did your contractor use subcontractors? If so, did they have a plan in place to ensure seamless communication between the parties?
  • Were there any hiccups or setbacks? How quickly was the contractor able to get the project back on track?
  • Did the roofer’s team clean the worksite after work was completed?
  • What steps did the contractor take to minimize disruption?
  • Are you satisfied with the result?
  • Do you intend to hire a contractor in future? (why/why not)?

Talk to Contractor’s References

A reputable roofer would be more than happy to provide a list of references. If a contractor refuses to provide references, it is a sign that they might have something to hide. You will do yourself a favor by walking away.

Once you have a list of contractors’ references, call them to conduct phone interviews. Here are some questions to ask a roofing contractor’s references.

  • Did the contractor provide an estimate and explain the costs to you?
  • Did they stay on budget? If not, why, and were you apprised of the additional costs in advance?
  • Were there any issues? How did the contractor manage them?
  • Did they stick to the project timeline?
  • Did the contractor provide a work warranty?
  • Are you satisfied with the quality of workmanship?

Invite Multiple Quotes

Get quotes from at least three roofing contractors. A roofing estimate should specify the project timeline and include:

  • Basic company information
  • Proof of license and insurance
  • A breakdown of project costs
  • Information related to any guarantees and warranties
  • Information about your roofing components that need to be replaced

When comparing two or more estimates, consider every cost element. If you have questions regarding a particular cost element, do not hesitate to call the contractor up. A trustworthy contractor will take the time to answer any questions you may have.

While cost is an important factor to consider when selecting a roofer, do not base your decision solely on it. Though you may be tempted to opt for a contractor with an unrealistically low quote, remember if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! It is quite likely that a contractor who proposes to complete your project at a fraction of the cost may lack the skills and expertise required to ensure flawless execution and may deliver substandard work. Instead of opting for the contractor with the lowest quote, look for a roofer known to create value for their customers.

Interview Contractors

Once you have shortlisted candidates, call their offices to schedule meetings. Before you meet a contractor, do your homework. Visit their website, look at their portfolio and create a questionnaire. Here are some questions that you could include in your questionnaire:

  • What type of insurance do you carry?
  • Do you provide workmanship warranties?
  • Do you use subcontractors? If yes, are they licensed and insured?
  • How will you protect my lawn from damage during the project?

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