Answering Your Questions About Commercial Roofing

The benefits of a commercial roof extend beyond aesthetics. A sturdy commercial roof protects the commercial building from the elements and helps maintain the ideal building temperature. It keeps moisture from creeping into the building, helping prevent mold growth.

If you are planning to roof your property, you may have several questions about commercial roofing. To help you make informed decisions, we try to answer some commercial roofing FAQs for Sonoma and Marin county businesses.

How Long Do Commercial Roofs Last?

When maintained properly, a commercial roof can last 15-50 years. Exactly how long your commercial roof lasts will depend on several factors, including local climate, the materials used, whether the roof was installed properly, if it is adequately maintained, and the amount of foot traffic the roof gets.

How Much is the Cost of Roof Installation and Replacement?

The cost to install a new roof or replace an existing one depends on roof size, roof slope, the roofing materials used, inspections, and permits that must be obtained before installation/replacement and how accessible the installation area is. That is to say, there is no “one size fits all” approach to roof pricing.

Should I Replace My Entire Roof?

If your roofing system is too old or damaged beyond repair, you may wonder if you must replace your entire roof. You can either replace the damaged sections or the entire roof. If you choose to replace the entire roof, you are entitled to a single warranty that covers your roofing system. Also, replacing the entire roof is oftentimes more cost-effective than replacing it in sections.

Can I Re-roof Without Tearing Off My Existing Roof?

If your building has a single roof, your contractor may install a new roof without tearing off the existing one. If your existing roof is unsafe, damaged, or unstable, the professional will remove it before installing a new roof. Before re-roofing, familiarize yourself with local building codes.

Why Should I Have My Roof Inspected Regularly By a Professional?

You must have your roofing contractor inspect and maintain your commercial roof twice a year. Regular roofing maintenance addresses current problems, prevents potential issues, and can help you save on repairs. It can improve the performance of your roof and extend its useful life.

How Long Does it Take to Install a New Roof or Replace an Existing One?

A roof installation or replacement typically takes 1-3 days. Some factors that determine how long roof installation or replacement will take include the complexity of your roof, roof accessibility, and the weather on the day of installation/replacement.

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