5 Roof Leak Signs You Must Never Ignore

Having a leaky roof is one of the biggest nightmares most homeowners dread. The worst part is that a roof leak can quickly get out of hand if not taken care of on time. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to the roof leak signs and act on them immediately to avoid further damage leading to costly roof repairs in Marin County.

ARS Roofing is Marin County’s leading roof repair specialist. Here is a list of 5 signs of leaking that you should never disregard as a homeowner.

1.    Strange Musty Odors

A strange musty odor is one of the first signs of a leaky roof. If you notice any peculiar musty smell, chances are that it’s because of a mold infestation caused by a leaky roof.

Usually, the issue occurs when the water seeps into the insulation and causes it to become wet. A leak-causing odor can spread mold through your home’s foundation if left untreated.

2.    Ceiling Stains

If there are ceiling stains throughout your home ceiling, it’s a clear sign that your roof is leaking.

Usually, the ceiling stains have a brownish tint around them which can be an eyesore for some. The ceiling stains typically occur due to deteriorated flashings, damaged shingles, and broken seals around roof vents.

3.    Bulging Drywall

A bulging drywall is another common sign of a leaky roof. Sometimes, the bulge or disfiguration in your wall may also occur because of plumbing issues. However, a leaking roof is usually the most common cause of bulging drywall.

4.    Damaged Shingles

If you notice damaged or warped shingles, this could indicate that your roof is leaking, or you may eventually have a leaky roof.

Sometimes the leak may not be visible, but you might have a small leak leading to the attic. In some cases, a damaged or missing shingle may not lead to leakage, owing to its location, but it is still suggested that you have it fixed as soon as possible.

5.    Damaged Flashing

Besides damaged shingles, damaged flashing too can lead to roof leakage. So, it would be best if you inspected the flashing regularly. Usually, strong winds tend to lift and loosen the flashing material, which in turn leads to gaps that can result in roof leakage.

The worst thing about leakage due to damaged flashing is that it appears at different points each time it occurs, so it is difficult to track the leak’s origin.

No matter the cause, ignoring roof leakage can lead to mold and mildew growth, leading to health issues among home dwellers. A leaking roof can lead to severe structural damage or electrical issues in the building.

At ARS Roofing & Gutters, we suggest watching for these five signs and taking immediate action as soon as you notice any signs of roof leakage to reduce the risk of costly damage. If you are looking for a trusted roof repair expert in Marin County, call the professionals at ARS Roofing & Gutters. To schedule an appointment, call (707) 584-5900.

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