4 Common Commercial Roof Issues You Need To Watch Out For

Your commercial roofing system helps create a productive work environment by keeping your building cool in summer and warm & cozy in winter. As your building becomes more energy-efficient, you are able to reduce your heating and cooling costs. Your roof also protects your building from outside elements and can save you headaches and money on building repairs in the long run.

Over time, roof damage can occur. A damaged commercial roof can attract a series of problems that can be a headache to your business. It may cause water damage and create the perfect conditions for mold and mildew growth. Some common causes of commercial roofing damage that we’ve seen in Sonoma County include inadequate or improper maintenance, damaging weather events such as a thunderstorms, improper installation, and repair delays.

Here are some common commercial roof problems every homeowner should watch out for.

Roof Leaks

Some common causes of roof leaks include age-related deterioration, damaged or poorly installed flashing, clogged gutters, and broken or missing shingles.

Even the smallest roof leak can cause substantial roof damage. The leaking water can damage your ceiling, insulation, and drywall. It can create trip and slip hazards and affect your building’s energy efficiency. If water from a leak comes in contact with electrical wires in your building, a short circuit can occur, possibly leading to a fire.


Roof punctures are a commonly overlooked roof problem. They result from additional pressure created on the roof when someone walks on it. Roof punctures are a recipe for disaster. They allow moisture to enter the vulnerable parts of your commercial roof such as fascia boards, rafters, and ceiling joists.

To prevent roof punctures, reduce foot traffic on your commercial roof. Be sure to schedule a roof inspection annually and after a storm.

Roof Blisters

Roof blisters occur when moisture or air becomes trapped underneath the roof surface. As the sun heats the roof, blisters expand and stretch the membrane. You may think that a few small blisters are harmless, but they may allow high levels of moisture to seep below your roof’s surface. As a result, bigger blisters can form. Ignoring this problem can cause your roof may fail prematurely.

Tree Damage

Tree branches hanging over your roof can rub against its surface daily, wearing down the top layer. A strong wind can cause a low-hanging branch to fall on your roof, causing extensive roof damage. To protect your roof from damage, trim the branches hanging over your property so no tree limbs extend to the top of your roof. If there is an old tree near your roof that can get uprooted during a storm, consider removing it after obtaining the necessary permissions.

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