Your Need a Roofing Company with an Insurance Claim Expert

You may have a damaged roof due to a hailstorm or severe weather. If you’re planning on hiring a contractor to fix or replace it, you might need to contact your insurance company to see if they’ll pay for the repairs. Filing a claim can be a bit complex, so having an experienced expert by your side could help speed up the process.

Before you start the process of filing a claim, you must have an understanding of the damage to your property. A good roofing contractor in Marin can help you determine the type of work needed to get the job done and how it will be paid for. Additionally, the roofing contractor can also provide you with the necessary information to make a claim. Some companies have an insurance claim expert on staff to help homeowners.

After the claim is submitted, an insurance company usually sends an adjuster to assess the damage. At this stage, the scope of the damage will be determined as to whether the roof needs to be repaired or replaced. So, a complete overhaul is typically a hefty payment from the insurance company.

One of the factors that you should consider when it comes to filing a claim is the involvement of an insurance claims expert. The expert can help you get the compensation that you’re hoping. Also, the roofing contractor can provide you with the necessary advice and assistance.

 Why An Insurance Claim Expert?

  • Helps in accurate estimation of the claim

There are many Roofing companies in Marin County that have experienced estimators on staff and having an in-house claims specialist can help ensure that the assessment is conducted accurately and thoroughly. This individual will have the necessary training and experience to thoroughly address the needs of both the insurance company and the customer.

  • Enhances the credibility of your claim

Having a knowledgeable and experienced claims professional can help the insurance company feel more confident in the claims you file. An adjuster may be more likely to accept a claim if the expert has deemed the damage to be genuine.

  • Get expert advice on the claim process

Having a certified and experienced team member on your side can help you get an accurate estimate of the damage that occurred to your home. They can also help you understand the steps that will be needed to get the job done. In addition, having them working alongside you can help you feel that the evaluation is high-quality.

Roofing companies like ARS Roofing and Gutters have pre-existing relationships with claims experts that can help you achieve make sure that your home is properly cared for. Contact our office at (707) 584-5900.

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