Why You Shouldn’t Underestimate Your Gutters

Though gutters are small, they play a major role in preventing water damage by directing water off of your roof and away from your foundation. Functional gutters also help protect outdoor hardscapes including patios, decks, and plants.

If your home didn’t have a gutter system, water would drip over the edges of your roof causing extensive damage to your siding and foundation. If water pools up in areas where your foundation is low, it will start to wear your foundation.

Over time, gutters can become clogged and sagging could occur affecting their structural integrity and usability. Clogged gutters are a recipe for disaster. They fail to carry water properly and can overflow back onto the roof. Clogged or overflowing gutters can create the ideal conditions for mold and mildew growth.

In addition to being an eyesore, mold and mildew can affect your health. Studies show that mold can cause a multitude of health issues. Long-term exposure to mold can contribute to depression and anxiety while leading to light sensitivity, hair loss, weight gain and muscle cramps.

What size gutters do I need? This is one of the most common questions homeowners ask us before embarking on a gutter installation project in Santa Rosa.

When determining the size of gutters you need, consider important factors such as the length and square footage of your roof. It is important that you know the average rainfall your area receives and plan accordingly. Determine how far away should your downspouts be from your home.

Gutter Maintenance Tips

Like every other component of your roofing system, your gutters need periodic maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep your gutters in top shape and keep them working all year long.

The objective of periodic maintenance is to identify and address current issues and prevent potential problems from occurring.

Here are some ways to maintain your gutters.

  • Regularly check your gutters for obstructions
  • Schedule professional gutter cleaning and maintenance once a year
  • Periodically check the joints and seams of your gutters for leaks
  • If you have sagging or loose gutters, replace their spikes with gutter screws as they offer better support

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