How Shingle Roof Installation Impacts the Value of Your Home

There are many benefits to having a shingle roof. Shingles come in many different shapes and forms and are available in a range of colors. Asphalt shingles are affordable and durable (with proper care, they can last up to 30 years or more).

Adding a new shingle roof can increase your building’s value. Here’s how according to ARS Roofing, premier commercial roofers in Marin County.

Enhanced Curb appeal 

Whatever the architectural style of your building, you will find the right asphalt shingle roofing product that enhances its aesthetic appeal. Asphalt shingles come in a wide range of designs and colors and can perfectly mimic the appearance of high-end roofing materials such as slate and real wood shake.

Shingles are known for their durability. They are easy to install and maintain, which means you will spend more time appreciating the beauty of your roofing rather than maintaining it. With regular care and maintenance, a shingle roof can last for decades.

Energy Savings

Energy-efficient asphalt shingles are made from special granules that contribute to reducing heat absorption (ordinary shingles do not have these granules). Your energy-efficient asphalt roofing can help lower cooling costs in summer by reducing heat gain.

Can Minimise the Risk of Roof Damage

Asphalt shingles designed for wind resistance can minimise the risk of roof damage. Based on their ability to withstand winds, asphalt shingles can be classified into three categories.

  • Class A shingles can withstand winds up to 60 mph.
  • Class D shingles can withstand winds up to 90 mph.
  • Class F shingles can withstand winds up to 110 mph.

Many asphalt roofs are designed to provide exceptional fire resistance. Asphalt shingles act as an insulator, preventing outside noise from entering your home.

Tips for Installing Asphalt Shingles

  • Flash the valleys and seams: Install roof flashings in areas where roof leaks occur. Use aluminum flashings. If you are working on an existing roof that already has flashings, make sure they are in good condition.
  • Use the right nails: Use galvanized steel or corrosion-resistant nails.
  • Be careful when attaching ridge cap shingles: Where a ridge is covered with shingle rather than vent, each cap shingle should be attached with two nails.

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