How to Fireproof Your Home

Home fires are a major problem in the U.S. Around two million fires are reported in different parts of the country every year. As a homeowner, make fireproofing your home a priority. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out ways to fireproof your home. Just follow these simple steps to reduce the risk of fires in your home suggested by roofing companies in Marin County.

Create a Fireproof Barrier

To protect your home from fire, create a fireproof barrier around it. Plant small fire-resistant plants such as yellow ice plants, ornamental strawberries, California fuchsias, and French lavenders around your home.

Make a berth of 100 feet around your home. This area should be composed of spaced-out plants and gravel. Clear around structures including sheds on your property. Get rid of the undergrowth. Remove any dry vegetation.

Use Fire-resistant Roofing Materials

A fire can spread quickly if the roof does not have fire-resistant materials. The shingles used in a wood roof should be painted with a fire-resistant material. When buying roofing materials, check their fire ratings before making a final decision.

Maintain Your Roof

Clean your roof and the gutters regularly. Do not let dry leaves or twigs accumulate on your roof. Trim back branches hanging over or touching your roof. Look for and repair cracks in different parts of your roofing system.

Frame Windows in Metal

Ditch wooden frames for their metal counterparts as they are more fire-resistant. Alternatively, opt for double-paned glass.

Make Sure Overhead Power Lines Cannot Be Brought Down By Tree Limbs

Make sure the power lines above your home cannot be brought down by tree limbs. One way of ensuring this is by keeping limbs trimmed away from the power lines. Check whether the power company can trim the trees for you.

Implement Safety Features

Install fire alarms. Check them at least twice a year. If your fire alarm is connected to your electrical system, have it checked by your electrician regularly. Place fire extinguishers in key areas such as the kitchen, floor, bedrooms, and garage. Place a fire ladder in every adult’s room.

Replace Old Appliances

Many fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets or appliances. Replace appliances nearing the end of their service life. Watch out for appliances that spark or make weird noises or smell bad.

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