Why Missing Shingles Should Be Replaced Immediately

Roof shingles are extensively used in commercial and residential roofing applications. Some common roof shingle materials are flagstone, metal, plastic, slate, and wood; and composite materials such as asphalt shingles and fiber cement. Roofing shingles create a watertight, wind-resistant seal that helps protect the roofing system from environmental damage.

Strong winds can cause shingles to loosen or break. This is not a minor issue and must be addressed immediately. Here are some reasons why roofing contractors in Marin County recommend replacing missing shingles right away.

  • With shingles out of the equation, rainwater gets easy access to different parts of your home. If you fail to act swiftly, things can go from bad to worse in no time. Water from your roof can damage the foundation and structural beams of your home, and you may end up spending hundreds (even thousands of dollars) on expensive repairs.
  • Even if you aren’t expecting any rainfall, changing temperatures can damage your weatherproofing and adhesive layers beneath the tiles.
  • Water damage can weaken your roof’s structure causing your walls to break and develop cracks.

What to Avoid if You Have Missing Shingles

Replacing missing shingles is not your average DIY project. Hopping on your roof without the proper equipment and safety gear to inspect your shingles is a recipe for disaster. Horror stories of people sustaining injuries after falling off from their roofs aren’t unheard of.

If you have missing shingles, instead of taking the DIY route, call a certified, licensed, and experienced roofing contractor. A professional will not only perform the job safely and swiftly but will also look for and address common repair issues associated with missing shingles.

Have Missing Shingles? Some Tips to Save Money and Ensure Flawless Execution

  • Avoid patches and superficial band-aids as they do not address the root cause of the problem. The quick fix won’t last long and can cause further damage.
  • If you are working on a tight budget and want to save money, shop around when hiring a contractor. Remember to ask for a breakdown of costs.
  • Make sure your roofing contractor properly nails or glues the roofing tiles.
  • Consider replacing missing shingles a priority, and not a matter of choice. Remember, the longer you wait, the more damage your roofing system and a house can sustain. To avoid expensive repairs, act swiftly. Call a contractor as soon as you notice signs of missing or damaged shingles.

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