How Do Roofing Contractors Ensure Solar Panel Installation is Done the Right Way?

Global warming is one of the most formidable challenges that the world is facing today. People around the world have responded to this threat by shifting to sustainable practices. As a result, Green consumerism is on the rise. As consumer preferences continue to shift towards sustainability, roof manufacturers have become more serious than ever about climate change. Many roof manufacturers now offer solar panels that can be installed on roofs. These panels store energy from the sun. This energy can be used to heat and cool homes.

A solar panel is designed to help homeowners kill two birds with one stone. You won’t just save on your heating and cooling costs, but will also successfully reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability. Switching to solar makes sense. Energy from the sun is abundant and free of cost, so why use energy produced using fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas?

The cost of installing solar has drastically declined during the past few years. A study shows that solar installation brings ROI in about 10-12 years. After you have made up your mind to go solar, look for reputable roofing contractors in Marin County with experience of handling complex solar panel installation projects. Make sure your installer has a master electrician on staff and is a licensed electrical contractor.

The Installation Process

A licensed installer knows everything there is to know about solar panels. They break down the entire installation process into these steps:

  • Running wire from the panel to the power system
  • Attaching racks to the roof to support the PV panels
  • Installing PV panels onto the racking system
  • Connecting the PV system’s inverter to the new panel
  • Installing a power meter

These steps may seem deceivingly straightforward and simple at first glance. Enthusiastic DIYers who prefer taking matters into their own hands to consulting an expert often end up committing wiring and installation mistakes. Here are some reasons why hiring an expert installer for your solar panel installation project makes sense:

A Sense of Accountability

A certified electrician must sign off on the installed grid connect installation. They must certify that the installation complies with the electrical code.

An Expert Installer Can Help Avoid Safety Risks

DC wiring can pose a potent safety risk, if done inaccurately. A certified electrician can help steer clear of safety issues by using the right wiring for polarized versus non-polarized circuit breakers. The installer will also ensure proper grounding of your PV power system.

An Experienced Installer is Skilled and Knowledgeable

An experienced installer will choose the direction and location that gets the maximum sunshine. The expert will make sure that the PV panels have been attached to the roof structure, and not the sheeting.

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