7 Causes of Roof Leaks During Heavy Rain

When looking for roof repairs in Marin County, it is important to first try and figure out why your roof is leaking during heavy rain. The more information you can provide the contractors with, the quicker they will be able to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Here are seven common reasons for leaking roofs during heavy rains:

  1. Skylights

If you have a skylight to let natural light filter in, this could be a source of roof leaks in your home. Regardless of how well the skylight is installed, it is a chance for leaks to develop during heavy rains.

  1. Plumbing Setup

The way the basic plumbing is done in your home could result in a roof leak, especially during heavy rainfall. In Marin County, if it rains half an inch per hour, it could result in the roof leaking. It is best to opt for professional roof repairs in Marin County if the plumber seems clueless about what should be done.

  1. Chimney

While a fireplace can make your home cozy, the chimney can make the roof more susceptible to leakages. The outer portion of the chimney causes the water to stagnate on the roof due to the way it is built. This can result in the water seeping in through the roof, especially if you have issues with the shingles. Make sure to have your roof inspected annually to stay ahead of any potential issues.

  1. Metal Roof

Metal roofs tend to rust and corrode with time, causing the roof to leak. If you want to avoid this, seek periodic roof maintenance in Marin County, which will ensure that the roof contractor spots wear and tear of the metal roof, and suggests a practical and affordable solution.

  1. Improperly Ventilated Attic

If your attic is not well-ventilated, it can cause condensation on the inside. When it rains, the high humidity levels will make the condensation worse and cause the roof and the walls to sweat and get wet. You will need an experienced roofing contractor to ensure this issue is fixed correctly.

  1. Improper Roof Maintenance

If you do not focus on roof maintenance, shingles will crack with age. As a result, when it rains heavily water will seep through the crack and wet the roof. This issue needs immediate attention as it will cause the roof of your home to deteriorate further and lead to the need for more expensive repairs.

  1. Vagaries of Nature

Marin County is renowned for its greenery and trees. Unfortunately, these trees pose a major threat to your roof. If a branch breaks and falls on your roof they are sure to cause damage. If your roof is damaged, expect roof leaks during a heavy downpour.

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