4 Ways that Trees Can Damage Your Roof

Trees not only enhance the beauty and feel of a home but also offer shade and protection. But, if not managed properly, there is also a possibility of damage to your home from a falling tree. Roof damage due to trees is common; and the risk increases the more trees you have. Trees are a concern with changing seasons too. So, to minimize the impact of falling trees, it is important to manage them with the help of experts.

Hanging Branches

If a hanging branch falls on your roof, it can cause damage in many ways. It doesn’t matter whether it is heavy or not; as both can cause harm — a heavier branch can break your roof while a lighter branch can scratch and lead to cracks and leaks. Older trees become weak, and have a possibility of decay due to termites or insects, which can have easy access to your home. To avoid this, get your trees trimmed regularly. Maintain a good radius free of branches around your house, and call a certified arborist to inspect your trees.

Moss Growth

A tree that provides shade by blocking sunlight can create a breeding ground for moss to grow along the shingles. This can reduce the life of your roof over time, and shingles can become loose or even break. To reduce moss growth, you should trim any overhanging trees, and prevent excessive shade. Ask a professional offering local roof repairs in Marin County to inspect your roof and the surrounding trees, and advise you on what steps to take. You can also install algae-resistant shingles to ensure your home is safe from moss growth.

Falling Leaves and Needles

Many trees drop their leaves every fall, and many drop their needles year round. If you leave this debris on your roof, it can clog your gutters and affect your roof by absorbing moisture. This excess moisture on your roof can cause mold, moss, or algae growth, which can discolor your roof and reduce its life. You should regularly clean your roof to prevent fallen leaves from accumulating. Also, consider gutter guards to prevent accumulation of debris in rain gutters.

Falling Trees

A falling tree is the most destructive way that a tree can harm your property, causing a lot of damage that can be expensive and time consuming to repair. It is also a threat to anyone nearby. It is very important to keep checking the trees around your home and look for any rotting or dying parts. If an older tree does not look stable, don’t hesitate to call a local tree-cutter to safely take it down to protect your family and property from danger.

A tree can possibly damage all roofing materials. The best course of action is preventive care by practicing proper tree management. You can call us to check which trees on your property are safe and which are not. Maintain a good distance from your roof when planting a new tree. Regularly clean your gutters to maintain proper water flow. Take these precautions to avoid roof damage from trees.

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