What Are the Pros and Cons of Roof Repair and Replacement in Winter?

Is your roof demanding repair or replacement? Did you miss the summer window and are wondering if you can have your roof repaired in the winter? Can you have a roof repaired in the winter? To your relief, yes you can! Roofs play an important role in protecting the house and the people residing in it from extreme weather conditions.

Hire the best roofing contractors in Santa Rosa to make your roof ready for the coming season. Even if you had your roof repaired over the summer it is still advisable to perform maintenance for winter, water leakage caused by ice could demand another repair.

Pros of Roof Repair During Winter

Getting your roof repaired in winter can be a good idea. Here are some of its advantages.

  • Good Deal – You see, summer is the peak season for roof repairing and replacement work. Almost all the roofing companies are busy during this time, and the service charges are quite high. Getting your roof job done in winter means better availability, quality work, and lower costs.
  • Prevents More Significant Problems – Your roof is prone to cracks, curls, water leakage, moisture penetration, weak joints, and so on. You can avert more significant problems by making some quick decisions to prevent water and ice from damaging your roof.
  • Reduced Bill— Damaged gravels and leakages indicate that your home is losing heat. Getting it repaired is a great step towards keeping your home heated during the winter while preventing any unnecessary heat loss.
  • Get Ready for Storms – Storm season will be here sooner than you expect. If you have a damaged roof, get it repaired immediately. A simple call to roofing contractors in Santa Rosa can save your property from getting damaged by violent storms.

Cons of Roof Repair During Winter

Though you cannot limit roof repairing to a particular season, here are some potential disadvantages of choosing the winter season.

  • Delays – The winter season is filled with gloomy and wet days. This can cause undue delays in the project. Even if your roof repair work has been initiated, and you have all the material in hand, a sudden change in climate can halt the work.
  • Volatile Weather Conditions – Even the most careful planning can be thrown off the track with a sudden change in weather. You might also get stuck in the procedure, and might have to postpone your holiday.
  • Risky – Unfortunately, winter roof repairs are filled with lots of risks and dangers. Even the most agile and experienced roofers have to be very careful while working on a roof filled with ice. At times, the repairs are kept on hold till the ice melts completely.

Every roofing project has its set of pros and cons. If you are experiencing any issues with your roof, it is better to fix them now. Winter can prove to be a good time as it is light on your pocket and makes you ready for the upcoming storms. Consult ARS Roofing, Gutters & Solar, we deliver the best results, thanks to our years of experience. Give us a call at 707-584-5900.

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