Roof Maintenance Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know

When should you be looking for professional service providers for roof maintenance in Marin County? Well, when you own a home that has been around for quite a long time without proper monitoring and maintenance, you should consider calling up for some extensive professional help.

There are situations when you may not be aware that the roof of your home is getting affected by harsh weather conditions. By the time you detect those signs of roof damage, the damage has already been done.

Now, to ensure that such unfortunate situations don’t arise out of the blue, it’s crucial that you implement appropriate measures. We have highlighted some effective tips below that you can use to ensure the maintenance of your roof all year long.

Check the Rooftop Conditions

It is a basic psychological fact that when things happen close to us, they barely get our attention. For instance, if you are flying kites from your rooftop, you might not be able to notice the broken shingles around you because you are too busy flying a kite. In contrast to this situation, if you are standing at your backyard, and looking up at the roof, you are more likely to notice such signs of damage.

Our point here is that you should carry out such outdoor inspection at least twice a year. If you are a busy person with the minimum luxury of time, consider contacting a reputed roof maintenance service provider. Who knows, there might be missing fasteners, damaged drip edge, piles of granules, etc. hiding on the rooftop, beyond your vision.

Monitor the Gutter

Gutter clearance should be the first thing in your mind, especially when the weatherperson has predicted a severe storm near your neighborhood. Clearing the gutter way before the actual storm would help you prevent water accumulation and further rotting of the surrounding roofing materials.

Trimming Down the Trees

If you are an avid gardener or your backyard is full of tall trees, it would be a wise decision to conduct a semi-annual trimming session. This would ensure that during times of massive storms, the branches of these plants don’t break into your house. You wouldn’t want these heavy logs to damage the rooftop of your home.

Consider Replacing the Caulk

The quality of caulking used during the rooftop installation session can determine the performance of flashings, as a caulk of lower standards might cause the flashings to be unable to keep their seal. There are times when you should replace the caulk with the ones with optimal quality and heavy endurance capacity. Asking for professional assistance can be the perfect way to get things sorted.

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