Things to Consider While Hiring a Commercial Roofing Contractor

If you own a commercial building you may already know that how important it is to maintain a sturdy roof. Regular care and maintenance of your commercial roof not only prevents unnecessary expenses when you least expect it, but also enhances the lifespan of your roofing system. Connect with reputable roofing contractors in Marin County, whether you intend to install a new roof or existing roof calls for some TLC.

Here are a few helpful tips that will help you find the best roofing professional in Marin County:

Do your Homework: Always check your options before you hire any roofing contractors. Enquire about prospect’s background and reputation from older clients. Also, check if the company is licensed and insured.

Ask Around: More often than not a friend or neighbor is likely to have used the services of a roofer. In the recent past, if your friend or family has not used that roofer’s service then you may also rely on the recommendation of other businesses in the area.

Check with the BBB: Apart from asking for references you may also check with the Better Business Bureau to ensure that the company you plan to hire has no complaints filed against it in the past. Another good way is to ask them to provide you with references of former customers so, as to check the company’s credibility and workmanship. A quick chat with former customers will help to clear cobwebs and make your decision a lot easier.

Request portfolios: If you are unsure of what kind of roof you must install then you may request to see portfolios of work that the shortlisted companies have done in the past. A reputable company is bound to have an impressive portfolio, which will help further to narrow down your options.

Check for Extended Warranties: Pick up a company that offers you at least 25-years of warranty on their work. This will give you peace of mind, as they will make it easier to predict when your commercial roof requires next round of repairs.

Look for Free Consultations: A number of roofing companies charge a service fee to assess your property and provide an estimate. If you choose to have more than one or two companies to provide roof analysis then this can add up a substantial number. Fortunately, most reputed roofing contractors in Marin County offer a free roof analysis

Finding the right commercial roofer in Marin County doesn’t have to be a tedious process. Contact ARS Roofing, Gutters and Waterproofing to hire a professional contractor who can quickly and expertly replace, install, or repair your commercial roofing.

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