Why a Roofing Company in Marin County Can Help with Roof Damage Caused by Weather Exposure

Weather exposure can cause all kinds of roof damage. No matter what your problem, enlisting the help of a Marin County roofing company like ARS Roofing is always recommended. Familiarize yourself with the most common forms of damage so you can easily spot them and immediately call our team to help you.

Impact Damage

A common type of damage stemming from storms, especially hailstorms, is impact damage. This kind of damage stems from twigs and small branches falling onto your roof from above. While it can be obvious, such as with damage from large branches, it can also be difficult to spot.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Dents or visible fractures in asphalt roofs
  • Flashes of metal in metal roofs
  • Spots that appear darker

Thermal Shock

Even in normal weather conditions, thermal shock can occur. It is caused by fluctuations in temperature across day and night. Typically, this type of damage is gradual and becomes more difficult to fix as time goes by. Once tar begins to dry up, the damage caused by the sun’s ultraviolet rays can make your roofing material even more brittle.

Keep an eye out for cracks, curls, and buckling.

Freeze-Thaw Damage

Similar to how thermal shock occurs in high daytime temperatures, freeze-thaw damage is most common during the night when temperatures begin to drop. It stems from water seeping into tiny cracks in the roofing. Since water increases in size as it freezes, the cracks can get bigger, which can make existing damage even worse. And once the ice thaws, more water can enter the cracks and continue opening them up during the next ice freeze. Catching freeze-thaw damage right when it happens is important to avoid long-term damage.

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