Gutter Installation in Sonoma County – 3 Easy Ways to Spot If Your Gutters Need Attention

It is important to have your gutters cleaned once, if not twice a year. The frequency can depend on the kind of plant and tree life around your gutters, but either way, staying on top of your gutters and keeping the area clean and free of debris helps prevent larger problems with your roof and foundation.

However, from time to time other issues might develop which you can’t fix with a simple cleaning.

While ARS Roofing can help with gutter installation in Sonoma County, here are the top three ways to know if your gutters need attention.

Signs of Damage

Probably the easiest way to determine you need gutter servicing is if there are visible signs of damage. Make sure to look over your gutters and do a walk-through of your Sonoma County property once a week or so. This helps you stay on top of all sorts of potential problems. Visible signs of damage can include cracks, rust spots or holes in the gutters. If the gutters are sagging in an area or pieces have separated, it means there is damage and it needs to be addressed.

Random Problems to Watch Out For

Have you noticed specific areas in your gutter system that seem to overflow whenever it rains? Perhaps you’ve even seen screws or other connector pieces on the ground during your property walkthroughs? These are signs of potential problems and may indicate you need gutter installation Sonoma County. Additionally, if you notice plants growing from the gutters or standing water in the gutter after it rains, you need to service your gutters.

Housing Signs

Sometimes the signs of a gutter problem are not found in the gutter but around your home. If there is pooling of water around the foundation or you’ve noticed water stain marks on the exterior walls, it means water is not properly funneling away from your home. Additionally, if water leaks into your basement during a heavy rainfall it may mean there is a problem with the gutters (in addition to potential foundation problems as well).


At ARS Roofing, we are all about providing you with top-of-the-line roofing and gutter services. Whether you’re looking for gutter installation services in Sonoma County or you are interested in a new roof, please contact our team at ARS Roofing today.

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