Why You Should Use Local Roofing Contractors in Santa Rosa and Marin County

If you’re considering replacing the roof on your Bay Area home or business, it can be somewhat confusing deciding what materials to use, whether to tear off the old materials, and what company to use for the roofing work.

While there are a wide array of roofing companies available, there are some distinct advantages to working with quality roofing contractors in Santa Rosa and Marin County like ARS Roofing for your Northern California roofing needs.

Advantages of working with a local contractor

1. Keeping it local. When you work with ARS Roofing contractors in Santa Rosa and Marin County, you’re keeping your dollar right in the community where you live. Our employees re-invest your money in our business as well as buy gas, groceries and other goods for our families. When you use a local contractor, you’re helping many more businesses than our own.

2. Improving accountability. When you work with a contractor that lives in the same area as you do, you not only have someone to call should you have a problem with the company’s work, but also the contractor will likely have pride in the neighborhood that’s difficult to find in someone outside the local area.

3. Abiding by the local building codes. A local contractor will generally be better versed on local building codes and legislation regarding home remodeling and roofing.

4. Having a good reputation with local suppliers. A local contractor is also more likely to have a good working relationship with material suppliers and sub-contractors in the area. That can mean getting your roofing materials more quickly and at a better price.

To learn more about repairing a roof or adding a new roof on your home or business, contact the very best among roofing contractors in Santa Rosa and Marin County. Call ARS Roofing today at 707 584-5900. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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