Residential Roofing in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and Marin County

For residential roofing in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and Marin County, you can’t go wrong with our ARS Roofing professionals. We have fostered a reputation within the community for our customer service and our workmanship, both of which are second to none. In addition to being fully bonded and insured, we guarantee the work of all 25 of our roofing specialist, most of whom have at least 20 years of experience.

Our Residential Roofing Services

We provide expert residential roofing services throughout the Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and Marin County areas. To ensure the protection of all of our residential customers, we carry additional liability insurance for HOA communities, condominium and apartment complexes. The following are some of the residential roofing services that we provide:

  • Roof Repairs – Whether your residential roof is in need of small repairs or major repairs, we will send one of our professional roofers out to your property to inspect your roof and identify the issue. Before beginning repairs, we will provide you with an accurate estimate. We can handle any job, whether it’s replacing the flashing on your roof, repairing water leaks or replacing broken or warped shingles. If you think that there’s anything wrong with your roof – even if it’s just a small water leak – we suggest you contact us immediately before the problem grows worse and more expensive to repair.
  • Roof Replacement – In some cases, your roof may need to be completely replaced due to severe damage or poor structural integrity. We can safely remove your old roof and properly install a new roof. We use only the best roofing products for roof replacement jobs and can install all types of roofs, including shake and wood shingles, composition roof shingles, tile and composition tile, and more.
  • Waterproofing – If your roof is having issues with leaks, we can provide additional waterproofing by using products such as elastomeric coating or deck coatings and membranes.

These are some of the main residential roofing services in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County and Marin County that we provide. If you are in need of residential roofing services, be sure to contact us at ARS roofing or call 707-584-5900 today.

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