Selling Your Home? Tips from a Roofing Company in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and Marin County

21st JanBefore you put your house on the market, make sure it’s ready to attract buyers. Reduce clutter, including the amount of furniture in each room. Paint is a huge factor in the feel of a home. Some buyers can look past the scuffs and chips, but many people will be turned off without even knowing why. And curb appeal. You know that your front yard has potential, but a cheerful and well-groomed front yard gives house hunters a pleasant feeling even before they walk in. Green grass is out of fashion here in the drought state of California, but there are many attractive water-saving landscape ideas. Staging, painting, and yard maintenance are three things that are definitely worth an investment of time and money before you sell. A harder decision, and one you may not have even thought about, is whether to replace your roof.

Should You Replace Your Roof Before Putting Your House on the Market?

First of all, you should definitely have your roof inspected, and while the roofing contractors are there, have your gutters cleaned. Gutter cleaning is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the curb appeal of your house. Gutters full of leaves and debris give the house a neglected appearance. A roofing company in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, and Marin County, ARS Roofing also inspects roofs and cleans gutters.

Replacing a roof, though, is more expensive. You will probably get more for your house if it has a new roof, but will you recoup the entire cost? There’s no way to be sure.

One thing is for sure, though. Unless there is a mad rush for houses in your neighborhood, your home will almost certainly not sell as fast if the roof looks like it is in poor condition. So if you have the money, and if selling your house quickly is a priority for you, a new roof is a good idea. Even if the roof looks okay, being able to write “new roof” on your listing will give you an advantage.

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