Smart Homeowners Looking for Gutter Repair in Santa Rosa

You’re probably thinking, “Smart homeowners don’t have to look for gutter repair in Santa Rosa. Smart homeowners keep their gutters clean and maintained in the first place.” But there are many legitimate reasons that even the smartest homeowners need gutter repair. These are just a few.gutter repair in Santa Rosa








House Settling

When a home’s foundation settles, seamed gutters can be strained, pulling the sections slightly apart, causing the seams to leak. Settling is common. Over time, it can happen in any home, and it’s not the homeowner’s fault. It is, however, a reason to call for gutter repair if settling has caused your gutter seams to leak.

Poor Installation

Leaking seams can also be caused by poor gutter installation. Once again, this is not necessarily the homeowner’s fault, but it’s still a reason to get your gutters fixed before the problem gets worse. You may not be able to tell whether the seams are leaking because of poor gutter installation or because of a house that has settled, but either way, the gutters will need repair.

Previous Homeowners Let Gutters Rust

The previous owners of your home may not have kept their gutters clean. (It surely wasn’t you!) They may have let leaves and other debris sit in the gutters for prolonged periods of time. When that debris blocks water from running out the downspout, many types of gutter will rust. Not taking care of rust leads to holes and leaks. Rust is a reason to call ARS right away before a repair turns into a replacement.

If you’re calling us for gutter repair in Santa Rosa or its neighboring cities in Sonoma County or Marin County, you can always blame your poorly maintained gutters on the previous homeowners. We won’t question it. But even if you were to blame for the problem, you don’t have to tell us a lie, because…

Even The Smartest People Get Caught Off Guard

Sonoma and Marin Counties are among the most beautiful places in the world in large part due to their trees. Unfortunately, having these beauties so close to our homes means that our gutters get clogged much more quickly than we expect. We get busy with babies or weddings or new jobs, and gutters are the last thing on our minds. That’s okay. It’s life!

Whatever the reason, if you need gutter repair in Santa Rosa or anywhere else nearby, for safety’s sake, please don’t do it yourself. And please do it now, while you may still only need a repair and not a full replacement. You can call us 24/7.

If you do need your gutters replaced, call us for that, too. We offer the best products, including steel gutters coated with baked enamel, seamless gutters, and aluminum gutters.

At ARS, our business is founded on trust, reliability, communication, and follow-through. You won’t find better service or quality. Your gutters can’t wait! CONTACT US or call (707) 584-5900 in Sonoma County or (415) 459-7200 in Marin County.

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