Santa Rosa-based ARS Roofing Highlights 5 of the Most Common Commercial Roofing Problems

A commercial building’s roofing must be maintained effectively to protect the firm’s image and ensure company operations move forward seamlessly. Any roofing issue can have a significant impact on the organization’s working processes, and therefore it’s essential that commercial Santa Rosa property owners understand how to effectively respond to common commercial roofing issues. In this article, the experts here at ARS Roofing highlight 5 of the most common commercial roofing problems.

  1. Roofing Leaks

A roofing leak can occur at any time and may cause lasting damage to the property. To avoid potential leak issues and to protect their company over the long-term, business property owners must employ a comprehensive leak management and roofing maintenance program. This program should include regular analysis of the roofing system by repair professionals.

  1. Tenting or Billowing

Tenting or billowing occurs when the material on the roof comes free and begins to blow in windy conditions. This occurs when the roof has not been properly attached to the substrate. This means it’s important that Santa Rosa commercial building owners ask their roofing company to provide the specification for their area when installing a new system. The roofing material should be designed for effective use within the region.

  1. Faulty Workmanship

Faulty workmanship and repair errors are a common issue with unqualified roofing companies. Working with unqualified roofers increases the chances of a problem occurring while reducing system life expectancy. That’s why it’s so important that Santa Rosa owners carefully review their commercial roofing company before making their final service choice. An error in company selection could have lasting and expensive consequences. It’s also imperative that contractors provide a written inspection report to the building owner before completing any repair or installation work.

  1. Pooling Water

Pooling water is one of the most common roofing challenges for commercial property owners and may pose a potential structural danger to the building. The National Roofing Contractors Association defines pooling water as water standing for more than 48 hours on the rooftop. One of the ways companies can address problems with pooling water is by considering their range of drainage options. Building owners might also consider the use of tapered roofing insulation, as well as analyzing flashings for potential leaks.

  1. Tile Shrinkage

Tile shrinkage may occur on worn or older roofing materials. This type of problem leads to the flashings pulling away from the wall and then cracking. Tile shrinkage is one of the leading causes of leaks within roofing systems. To help counteract this issue, firms should employ expert inspection teams throughout the year. Expert teams can stall this type of shrinking and provide proactive solutions to possible long-term issues.

By reviewing potential roofing problems and learning more on how to protect their roofs against these issues, building owners can achieve a greater level of property security and minimize the impact of problems on their business. To learn more, speak with the team at ARS Roofing directly at (707)584-5900.

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